• Intuitive Porsche Driver Experience control concept
  • New digital enhancements, with optional passenger display
  • Luxurious, sporty and modern interior
  • More comfort and extensive customization options

The control concept that Porsche will use in the new Panamera is innovative and intuitive: the Porsche Driver Experience puts the driver at the center and creates the perfect balance between analog and digital elements. The sports car among luxury sedans is characterized by a high-quality and sporty interior.

Stuttgart. In the new model generation set to be unveiled to the public on November 24, 2023, the Porsche Panamera will feature the driver-centered Porsche Driver Experience control concept that was first introduced in the Taycan. It offers a fully digital display, a wide range of customization options and intuitive operation. A key feature of the concept is the grouping of the control elements relevant for driving in the immediate vicinity of the steering wheel. All elementary functions are therefore quick and intuitive for the driver to access. This simplifies operation of the new Panamera in all driving situations, and especially during spirited driving.

The focus on the driver manifests itself in numerous details. For example, Porsche has placed the switch for navigating through the options provided by the instrument cluster and the mode switch for selecting the driving mode directly on the steering wheel. The gear selector lever is located on the dash next to the steering wheel. This opens up space on the center console for climate control panel that combines touch surfaces and physical switches into a solution that is as intuitive as it is elegant. New, completely finless and electrically adjustable air vents are installed in the center console. It is possible to switch between several pre-configured and personalized climate control modes at the touch of a button. In addition, the storage bin in the center console offers more space than before.

Panamera Interieur, 2023, Porsche AG

The digital, free-standing instrument cluster places an emphasis on the driver. The 12.6-inch display is characterized by a curved and free-standing design. The driving information displayed on it into is split into three areas, for which different configurations are possible depending on the equipment and the selected view. The additional, optional head-up display can be operated directly from the steering wheel.

A clear design and luxurious materials create a high-quality and sporty ambiance in the interior of the new Panamera. The new decor concept makes an impression, extending from the center console to the control panel and into the doors of the new Panamera. Together with the steep rise of the center console, it is one of the defining features of the Panamera cockpit. For the first time, Porsche is equipping the model with continuous ambient lighting along the entire panel, emphasizing the breadth of the vehicle.

Panamera Interieur, 2023, Porsche AG

The color and material options in the new Panamera are defined by particularly fine materials and a wide selection of two-tone designs. Matching decor and accent options refine the ambiance further, some of which are offered via Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. For the first time, customers can also select leather-free equipment in the Panamera, which combines particularly sporty materials such as Race-Tex and Pepita fabric. All Panamera models will also feature improved seat foam materials, which increase comfort with enhanced elasticity.


Further information, as well as film and photo material, is available in the Porsche Newsroom: newsroom.porsche.com.

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