On a recent quintessential Northern California fall morning, classic car enthusiasts gathered at Summit Skywalker Ranch. The air was crisp. The coffee was hot. The venue was stunning. But the main draw was the cars. Dozens of Porsche cars in a kaleidoscope of colors. Lush greens. Vibrant oranges. Hot pinks. Sunny yellows. 

The event, Rare Shades 5, celebrates Paint-to-Sample and custom color Porsche cars. 000 Magazine launched the annual event in 2017. 

This year’s event was co-hosted by Marqued, a new digital platform for car enthusiasts and a venture of Porsche Digital, Inc.

“It was an honor to introduce Marqued to the Rare Shades community,” says Stephan Baral, Managing Director at Porsche Digital, Inc. “As we create a new, independent brand to span multiple marques and genres, we want to build an inclusive community that celebrates everything it can mean to be a car enthusiast.”  

Hundreds of people from around the United States flocked to the event. The cars came from as far as Portland, Oregon. Fifty-two Porsche vehicles were displayed. The oldest was a Slate Gray 1953 pre-A. The newest was a 2021 911 Turbo S in Signal Green.

“Rare Shades appeals to people drawn to a certain aesthetic, who have a common appreciation for design, art and color,” says Alex Palevsky, co-founder of 000 Magazine and one of the event’s organizers. “In addition to engineering excellence, color and design have always been integral to what Porsche is. We love celebrating that.” 

Marqued also hosted a “living gallery” of other vehicles recently featured on marqued.com, including a 1967 BMW 1600, a 1975 Ferrari 365 GT|4 BB and a 1968 Alfa Romeo GT Junior.  As part of the exhibit, owners were invited to tell the stories behind their vintage vehicles.   

 “At Rare Shades, we found many kindred spirits excited about what we are doing,” says Baral. “We look forward to building those relationships, both online and offline.”

About Marqued

Marqued is a venture of Porsche Digital, Inc. as part of its mission to create best-in-class user experiences that foster car enthusiasm above and beyond the core Porsche business. Our purpose is simple: imagine, create, and curate stories, guides, and resources for the next generation of buying, selling, and most importantly, enjoying cars.

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