Porsche in 2018: Inspiration, facts and figures

Porsche AG is publishing its latest Annual and Sustainability Report to coincide with the announcement of its annual results. Economic, ecological and social factors are all inextricably linked at Porsche. With this in mind, the company has combined its classic financial reporting with information on sustainability.

Its reader-friendly report comprises two sections. In the first of these, entitled “Perspective”, acclaimed authors, photographers and illustrators have tackled the issues of the future that matter to society and thus to Porsche in this era of digital transformation. The second part, “Performance”, uses facts and figures to present the company’s performance over the past financial year, objectively and to the point. Augmented reality also helps bring the Porsche report to life, enhancing many pictures and graphics with entertaining and informative elements. The Annual and Sustainability Report is available in German, English and Chinese, with all language versions available online in the Porsche Newsroom in a dedicated microsite and in PDF format.

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