The 2006 film „Cars” made by Pixar tells the story of a race car that falls in love with Sally Carrera, a Porsche 911. Pixar creates a life-size model of the cartoon character for marketing purposes. Within seven months, a Porsche 911 undergoes significant modifications to keep the comic style. The wheelbase is reduced, the roof raised. The doors, wings, glasses, headlights, door entry guard and bumper were all rebuilt. Despite numerous modifications to all of the car´s components, the cartoon Porsche can still be driven, even today.



Model Year 1998
Engine 6-Cyl. Boxer
Displacement 3387 ccm
Power Output 221 kW (300 HP)
Top Speed 280 km/h


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A pattern with a history

A pattern with a history

Tartan fabrics symbolise tradition and craftsmanship, belonging and confidence. Exactly 50 years ago, three tartans could be found on the options list exclusively for the Porsche 911 Turbo.