By using the historic cars from the company’s collection, we are not only showcasing the functionality of Porsche sports cars but, more importantly, taking advantage of their status as brand ambassadors to convey the fascination for the Porsche brand in an authentic way all around the globe.

The Porsche Museum stands for vibrancy and variety, and also for origins and tradition that can be seen and experienced. The “Heritage and Museum” department pursues this philosophy in everything it does – all over the world. We participate in national and international historic racing events and classic car rallies with the cars in our collection. Our museum exhibits thus fulfil the purpose for which they were once built: they are driven.

Driving events include historical formats, specially created events such as the "Porsche Legends@" series, as well as collaborations and media partnerships. Mille Miglia, Targa Florio, Le Mans Classic, Historic Grand Prix Monaco, Solitude Revival and the legendary Goodwood Festival of Speed in England are just a few of the highlights from the past. In 2020, the anniversary year of the first overall victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, six of the former winning cars from Porsche made their way back to the legendary race track on the Sarthe river.

With the Porsche Heritage Experience, we aim to visit special places of advanced human civilisation every two years to learn from active efforts to uphold tradition and the associated preservation of values. We started 2019 with our "Heritage Experience" in China as a special form of cultural exchange. 2021 our event took us to Hawaii, where different ways of life awaited us and where we were fully immersed in a culture almost unknown to us.

With this wide variety of activities, the “Heritage and Museum” department aims to proactively transport its historic work out into the world in future also. One aspect always remains at the forefront: making it possible to experience history – nationally, internationally and with a sense of tradition.

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