Who are you? Person – company and position?

Daniela Lužanin, Head of the ABB Formula E Partnership

Why does your company support the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team?

ABB entered into a new and exclusive partnership with automobile manufacturer Porsche, in order to jointly promote e-mobility


What are your goals regarding this partnership?

ABB and Porsche have a shared ambition to write the future of e-mobility, underpinned by a common set of values which unite the two organizations. The partnership realizes the benefits of combining expertise from two technology leaders to further develop electric vehicle charging and pave the way to a zero-emission future.

In addition, it creates a visible and practical link between ABB’s Formula E motorsport engagement and our world-leading e-mobility solutions, together with our leading position in EV charging infrastructure. It also showcases the company’s ability to offer customized solutions to partners, while further establishing ABB as a driving force in the technological development of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

What was your most formative moment so far in relation to your commitment to the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team?

In addition to media and customer experiences, we’ve completed strong activations alongside Porsche, including the branding of a Taycan in a bespoke ABB livery for the Monaco E-Prix and at Dubai Expo, as well as the use of a Taycan for a “Road to Cop26” video.

What is it about the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship that fascinates you?

The commitment to sustainability and combatting climate change. In addition, the iconic city center settings for races around the world offer the ideal platform to highlight ABB’s technologies for e-mobility, smart cities, sustainability and energy solutions, amplified by the appeal of the championship. For ABB, the championship is a competitive platform to test and develop e-mobility-relevant electrification and digitalization technologies. This helps refine the design and functionality of electric vehicle components, and accelerates the transition and uptake of e-mobility on a global scale.

What is your company doing to promote sustainability under the motto #makeitmatter?

Sustainability is a key part of ABB’s purpose and is embedded in everything the company does, with solutions to help reduce harmful emissions and preserve natural resources. Under its 2030 Sustainability Strategy, ABB plans to become carbon-neutral by continuing to transition to renewable energy sources and improving energy efficiency. Its EV 100 plan commits ABB to electrifying its fleet of more than 10,000 vehicles by 2030 and aims to help reduce customers’ annual CO₂ emissions by 100 megatons – equivalent to the annual emissions of 30 million combustion cars.

This season, ABB will be implementing Climate Initiatives at race locations. Focused around three pillars - Innovating Technologies; Social Progress; Championing Change - activities will be undertaken in connection with ABB Formula E races in city centers around the world to help drive sustainable progress.

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