In addition to the automotive industry, the Porsche consultants also support the aerospace, mechanical and plant engineering and shipbuilding industry. Other clients come from the service sector, the consumer goods industry as well as the retail and construction industry.

The company Porsche Consulting GmbH was established in 1994 from the successful restructuring of Porsche AG. Back then, radical rethinking helped to guide the sports car manufacturer out of a deep crisis back onto the path to sustainable success. The subsidiary started out with four employees and initially passed on knowledge on streamlined production and lean management to Porsche suppliers. Later, the methods proven at Porsche itself were also imparted to clients outside the automobile industry. Today, some 30 percent of Porsche Consulting’s workload is commissioned by clients from the Volkswagen Group. Some 70 percent of the projects are conducted at external clients’.

The management consultancy employs some 500 plus staff

The management consultancy employs some 500 plus staff. The consultants help companies to avoid waste and to gear their businesses to value creation. “Make us the Porsche of our industry”, often reads the brief. “We win over our clients with measurable results. Our key strength in this respect is not just our expertise in implementing projects successfully, but the fact that we inspire executives and employees to embrace change, says Eberhard Weiblen, President and CEO of Porsche Consulting.

From its German headquarters in Bietigheim-Bissingen, the management consultancy operates internationally and has five foreign subsidiaries. In Milan, the Porsche consultants impart the “modello tedesco”, as the German concept for success is known in Italy, to world-renowned brand manufacturers such as Trussardi and illycaffè. In Latin America, the consultants provide their services within the scope of large infrastructure and construction projects. The mega-dam Belo Monte in the Amazon jungle is just one example as is the innovative monorail railway in the bustling metropolis of São Paulo, where Porsche Consulting has another office. Clients in North America, such as the world's largest air carrier Delta Airlines, are supported from Atlanta in the US. The consultants in the Shanghai office primarily help western companies to gain a foothold in the Asian market and secure long-term success. There is also a office in Belmont (Silicon Valley).

Porsche Consulting has four offices in Germany: Bietigheim-Bissingen, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin.

With numerous business profiles, the world of Porsche Consulting provides insights into exciting projects at international enterprises.

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