In line with this year‘s motto “Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion”, digital live tours will be available this Sunday on Instagram Fans will be able to participate from anywhere in the world and experience how Porsche transports the ideas and values of its brand from the past into the future.

“Digital diversity is more important than ever in times like these, where travel is a greater challenge than ever before,” said Achim Stejskal, Head of Heritage and Porsche Museum. “We have been consistently driving forward the expansion of digital offerings not just since the COVID-19 crisis, but for years. We have committed ourselves to the ’Mission Future Heritage.’ We would like to use modern channels to demonstrate the heritage and future of the brand, not just at our site in Zuffenhausen, but beyond the museum as well.”

“Digital diversity is more important than ever in times like these, where travel is a greater challenge than ever before.“ Achim Stejskal

On International Museum Day, two guides will tour through the exhibition, which currently includes more than 80 cars over 5,600 square meters, for one hour each in German and English. They will look at special exhibits and offer insight into the company history. The digital live tours will include prototypes, small exhibits, racing cars and series production cars. Anyone who is interested can watch the first tour on Instagram which starts in German at 12:30 pm EST, or the second one which starts in English at 6:00 pm EST. The times have purposefully been set outside the regular opening times – true to the motto: “The museum for everyone.”

The tours will also be recorded in the following languages and be available on Porsche News TV from Sunday on: Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Croatian, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish. “There is a native speaker for each of these languages in the Porsche Museum. We would like to use the videos that have live character to thank our fans around the world and to bring a bit of the Porsche Museum into their homes,” explains Stejskal.

The special promotional day is organized annually by the International Council of Museums ICOM to draw attention to the wide range of work museums do and to the thematic diversity of museums around the world. Museums throughout Germany will provide special initiatives, exhibits or a glimpse behind the scenes this Sunday. Dr Dietmar Woidke, President of the German Bundesrat, is the patron of Museum Day. 

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