Porsche is releasing a comprehensive software update for customers of the debut model year 2020 Taycan electric sedan. This update incorporates a number of enhancements first introduced to the model year 2021 Taycan variants. Key updates include additional features to the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system, improved Porsche Connect functionality, and overall improvements to drivability and usability.

Update process

Owners will be contacted by PCNA and a dealer visit will be arranged at a time is convenient to them, with the offer of a loaner car if required.  The update is free of charge to the owner, and is expected to take two business days to complete.

Taycan Turbo S, 2021, PCNA

System updates

The navigation system will now display even more information, such as more in-depth traffic and lane-specific information. Searching for charging stations, both inside the Porsche Charging Service and outside, has also been simplified and is more user friendly.

The Charging Planner now offers the ability to pre-select a specific state of charge during DC fast charging, or letting the system determine when to stop the charging process.

Owners can also reduce the maximum DC charging power from 270kW to 200kW for each charging session to further optimize HV battery service life and performance.

Comfort enhancements include wireless Apple CarPlay, and when Apple ID is linked to a vehicle, Apple Podcasts including video streaming and Apple Music Lyrics can be accessed.

In a light-hearted addition, vehicles equipped with the Ambient Lighting option can have the color change based on the music currently playing.

After completion, owners can also activate the new Porsche Connect Care package with breakdown call function via the Porsche Connect store, as well as log back into their car with their Porsche Connect credentials.

Taycan models equipped with adaptive air suspension will be upgraded to include the Smartlift function as part of the software update. Using this feature, frequently visited locations that require activating the lift function, for example to traverse steep driveways or speedbumps, can be stored and the car will raise itself automatically when returning to a saved location.

Additional Functions on Demand (FoD) will be offered. These flexible upgrades work via over-the-air updates after the initial vehicle point of sale. Previously, the only available FoD for model year 2020 Taycans was Porsche Intelligent Range Manager (PIRM). After the update Active Lane Keep Assist and Porsche InnoDrive will be available. FoD compatibility will be dependent on vehicle configuration.

Customers can choose whether they want to purchase the function or take out a monthly subscription. The latter option includes a three-month trial period. After selecting the desired function(s) in the Porsche Connect Store, a data package is sent to the Taycan via the mobile phone network. Drivers are then notified of the package by the Porsche Communication Management (PCM). Activation then just takes a few minutes: a message appears on the central display after successful installation.

Finally, the update includes re-calibrated software for control units responsible for powertrain and suspension control, resulting in further improved driving dynamics and performance.

Importantly, the character of the Taycan remains unchanged, and while the software update is a series of small, incremental improvements, when combined, they significantly enhance the Taycan ownership experience. Existing owners will be contacted in due course or can, if they wish, contact their local Porsche Dealer to learn more about the update and to schedule a visit.


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