As a co-commentator for television, Thomas Hitzlsperger is on duty throughout the country during the European Football Championship. "I enjoy meeting fans from all countries and soaking up the great atmosphere," says the former international football player in the new edition of the 9:11. Porsche. Podcast. He also talks about the 2006 World Cup and how he experienced the summer fairytale as part of the German team.

These days, the former international player sees the ‘behind the scenes’ of professional sport. "I can see how much has changed in football," says Hitzlsperger, who is staunchly believes that the sport has a lot to offer society: sticking to the rules, treating each other with respect – on and off the pitch. "You can also see what a big role team spirit plays in success." In 2007, Hitzlsperger won the German championship with VfB Stuttgart and scored a crucial goal on the final matchday of the season.

Thomas Hitzlsperger, former a professional footballer and public advocate for diversity, 2024, Porsche AG
Thomas Hitzlsperger

"Everyone has a responsibility to stand up for the preservation of democracy"

In the 9:11. Porsche. Podcast, Thomas Hitzlsperger also talks about his commitment to diversity in society: "It's worth being open - and not pigeonholing people." He also discusses how inspiring he was by learning about other cultures while playing abroad. When he came out after the end of his career, it was important to him to "break down the taboos to a little". Today, Hitzlsperger's commitment extends far beyond this single topic. Among other things, he is committed to successful integration and to seeing more women in management positions.

The topic of diversity also plays an important role at Porsche, where people from more than 80 nations work together successfully. Porsche CEO Oliver Blume has taken a public stance on several occasions – in favour of team spirit, and also of social cohesion. Values that Thomas Hitzlsperger shares: "Each of us has a responsibility to stand up for the preservation of democracy."


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