Hosted by Sebastian Rudolph, and featuring well-known personalities from the automotive industry and beyond, the podcast delves into the world of Porsche. In each episode Dr Rudolph and his guests explore the legend of the brand, its DNA, sporting spirit, values and innovation – and in particular the people behind it all. The new ‘Best Of’ episode takes a walk down memory lane to bring listeners the highlights of the podcast’s first year on air.

Success relies on teamwork – not just when building a career as an athlete but also when developing a brand. This was something that tennis star and entrepreneur Maria Sharapova was keen to discuss when she joined the show: “I’ve always relied on a team that I’d be comfortable with when I was losing or not doing well, because those are the people that ultimately make you a champion,” she revealed. For Detlev von Platen, Executive Board Member Sales & Marketing at Porsche AG, there are three further qualities that are crucial for success: “Be honest, be bold with your visions and be brave in the execution,” he told listeners.

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The route to the top is not always easy. So what does it take to make the leap from rookie to pro? Porsche works driver Kévin Estre revealed his own personal formula for success when he appeared: “You need a lot of luck. But also, be there, every time, never give up and try to get the result at the right time, at the right moment, at the right race.” For fellow guest and golfing star Paul Casey, passion and enjoyment are just as important as hard work when it comes to achieving goals. When asked what he’d advise his younger self, he said: “I would tell myself to enjoy the successes and the journey more. Be aware of how cool it is to play professional golf and to play the places I’ve played, and meet the people I’ve met. Just enjoy it.”

On road or race tracks, Porsche sports cars offer an unparalleled experience. On the show to discuss the particular draw of the brand’s GT cars were Frank-Steffen Walliser, the man responsible for the 911 and 718 model series, and Porsche brand ambassador and former racing driver Mark Webber. For Webber, the road cars with racing credentials hold a very special place in his heart. “All the cars – and there have been so many over the decades, in the stable of GT cars – have racing in them, the racetrack origins and they are actually thoroughbreds of racehorses, and they represent the brand so well.” Walliser, meanwhile, revealed: “GT within Porsche is not only the product. It’s not only the letters on the car. It is also the team and the spirit.”

The quiz as highlight of each episode

This spirit also shines through in a further highlight of each episode: the quiz. When it came to Paul Casey and Kévin Estre, this section of the show culminated in a tie between the two contestants: a fair yet somewhat disappointing result for the competitive sportsmen.

The Porsche Podcast returns soon. Some great guests and exciting topics from the world of Porsche and beyond are already planned for season two. Stay tuned!

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The Porsche Podcast is a compelling audio production launched by Porsche in August 2020 to complement the online and print Christophorus magazine, and the 9:11 video series. It can be accessed via and on all podcast platforms, where you can also find further audio treats and formats, such as the German 9:11 Porsche Podcast, the Porsche Next Visions Podcast, and the English-language Formula E Podcast.

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