After ten successful years, the museum is branching out this time with five exciting weeks for the kids instead of the usual three. From 2 August to 4 September, Porsche 4Kids will be expecting its young guests from 09:00 to 18:00, when they can enjoy an “Idea Tour” with their entire families. No booking is required for the free programme, just registration on the day at reception for the tours at 10:00 and 14:00. Sticking with the main topic “Tracking down ideas with Porsche 4Kids”, the children go on an exciting journey of discovery on the exhibition level.

Tom Targa, Porsche 4Kids, 2022, Porsche AG
Racing driver Tom Targa looks forward to the summer holiday programme with the main topic “Tracking down ideas with Porsche 4Kids”.

Using the multimedia guide, they play at being Idea Trackers, filling up their “Idea Chest” at various stations. Along with the “Idea Tour”, the kids can also look forward to exciting workshops on the topic of everyday mobility in the “Idea Workshop”, and to two “Idea Journeys” with Tobias Krell, also known in Germany as “Checker Tobi”.

Tina Turbo and Tom Targa as companions

The children are accompanied at all times by two familiar faces: Porsche 4Kids favourites Tina Turbo and Tom Targa. Anyone who hasn’t seen them before can get to know them on the website “Kids, I’m so excited! I’ve been invited to an international idea competition. I’m never going to win without your help,” says Tina Turbo. The goal is to fill the Idea Chest for Tina’s big journey together and give her a good chance of beating her competitors from all over the world. To come out on top in the competition, we’re going to have to gather some really good ideas. Tina and her friend Tom Targa will set off on an exciting journey of discovery through the Porsche Museum, filling up their chest with the help of the kids.

Tom Targa and Tina Turbo, Porsche 4Kids, 2022, Porsche AG

Among the topics at the stations of the “Idea Tour” are: inventive spirit, dream car, racing car, design, names, forging ideas, and successes. Through play, the children learn what lightweight construction means, why forms are important, and what can be achieved by a family-run company through inventiveness and courage. They can expect creative interactive features such as the “Hot Wire”, and exciting jumping games. Afterwards, the Idea Trackers can take home as a memento a snapshot from the Porsche 911 photo station, where they take a seat inside a stationary car.

On 2 and 3 August and 4 and 5 August, there are two workshops for 24 children each in the “Idea Workshop”. The two-day workshop with the motto “How do you move from day to day?” costs €60 per child and can be booked by 2 and 4. of August at: 2 / 3 August and 4 / 5 August. On the first day, the nine- to 13-year-olds busy themselves intensively with the topic of team building and conduct interviews with other children.

They spend the next day collecting ideas and learning about prototyping, testing, and making a presentation. The innovative, detailed workshop helps the kids to nurture their creativity, develop media skills, and analyse problems as a team and find solutions. They also get answers to the questions: How do we move today? How will we move in the future? And as a pleasant side effect, the workshops are also a lot of fun as the girls and boys get to build their favourite idea as a prototype. On the second day, the parents are invited to the Porsche Museum at 15:00 for the presentation of the model and the results.

"Checker Tobi" visits the Porsche Museum on August 9

Celebrity and excitement are guaranteed on 9 August at 11:00 and 15:00, when Tobias Krell will be going on two “Idea Journeys” in front of nearly 200 children each. Most people will know him better from kids’ TV by his nickname “Checker Tobi”. The likeable presenter is well-known in particular for his cool “checker questions”. His one-hour “Idea Journey” in the Porsche Museum is interactive, with the kids being invited to join in.

Tobias Krell, 2022, Porsche AG
Tobias Krell alias "Checker Tobi" visits the Porsche Museum on August 9

Together with the kids, he takes a look behind the scenes of his adventure and documentary film “Checker Tobi and the secret of our planet”. He also reveals how exactly a TV programme is made and talks about all the funny and embarrassing things that have happened to him. To finish, he answers questions and poses for selfies with his audience. Tickets cost €15 per child and are available exclusively via Easy Ticket or at: Idea Journey.

Children up to 14 years have free admission to the museum. For the “Idea Tour” and “Idea Journey” with Tobias Krell programme items, parents are responsible for their children. For participation in the “Idea Workshop”, parents or accompanying persons do not have to be present but must be reachable by phone. Parents and accompanying persons are welcome to visit the museum during the summer holiday programme.

The Porsche Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday, from 09:00 to 18:00. You will find the current hygiene specifications on the Porsche Museum website.

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