White Paper – Healthcare in the future

From physical to virtual to experience—this trend is here to stay in healthcare & well-being. The pandemic has shown the huge potential for patients and customers and also for HCPs that can be tapped by using digital solutions and platforms. With vaccination programs gearing up and more normality in sight, Porsche Consulting and Porsche Digital answer the key question: which services and business models in healthcare and well-being will provide the highest value for patients and customers in the future?

The point of view paper outlines why they are convinced that the answer is not about forcefully shifting from physical to virtual. Instead, it is about deliberately utilizing both physical and virtual elements to craft better overall customer experiences. In sports and well-being, there are many great examples of how physical and virtual aspects can be combined to create a unique experience. In healthcare, the shift from physical to virtual dramatically accelerated when the global pandemic limited access to traditional brick-and-mortar healthcare providers.


Well-being and Healthcare:
A Converging Ecosystem on the Rise

A point of view held by Porsche Consulting and Porsche Digital

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