Switzerland’s first such site – one of only four worldwide – will officially open on 10 June in Le Grand-Saconnex, following comprehensive restructuring work. Porsche Classic Centres meet the full range of customer needs by combining the service, repair and sale of heritage cars under one roof. In addition to the four centres around the world there are also 72 Porsche Classic Partners, of which two are in Switzerland: these are located at the Porsche centres in Zug and Zürich-Schlieren.

Michael Glinski, 2017, Porsche AG
Michael Glinski, CEO Porsche Schweiz AG

“Switzerland has always valued our brand’s sports cars, since the early years of the Porsche company, in fact. Porsche’s first series-production car was delivered to a customer from Zürich,” says Michael Glinski, CEO of Porsche Schweiz AG. “Around 17,000 classic Porsche cars are registered in Switzerland. The team in Geneva has been doing outstanding work in this field for a long time, and its services are now virtually unequalled following conversion and certification as a Porsche Classic Centre.”

World’s fourth Porsche Classic Center

Porsche Centre Geneva has always placed a premium on serving cars with a longer history. Its certification as a Porsche Classic Centre will build on the foundation already laid with three victories at the Porsche Classic Restoration Challenge. “We are very proud to be opening the world’s fourth Porsche Classic Centre. We invested in the future right from the start, in order to continuously expand and enhance our expertise,” says Guy Meyohas, owner of Orchid Sports Cars SA, which owns both the Porsche Centre Geneva and the new Porsche Classic Centre. Patrick Losch, co-owner of Orchid Sports Cars SA, adds: “Our aim is to provide the best possible service in all areas, whether that be selling new cars, servicing pre-owned cars, or repairing and maintaining even the very earliest Porsche models.”

Alexandre Mottet, CEO of Porsche Centre and Classic Centre Geneva, says: “When we started with 20 employees back in 2011, our goal was to live and foster the passion for Porsche in every way for our customers. We are celebrating our tenth anniversary this year, and our family has grown to 77 employees who now enjoy a space of 12,800 square metres, in which to work and exemplify the Porsche spirit.”

The Porsche Classic Centre in Geneva has a 210-square-metre showroom to display heritage Porsche sports cars. Its cutting-edge workshop has four spots reserved for these vehicles alone – one of them exclusively for body work and restoration. Porsche Centre Geneva is already well known for its complete and partial professional restorations. The Porsche Classic Centre also offers maintenance and repair services and replacement part supply is secured with access to more than 60,000 original components. Guests can not only visit the showroom but also the workshop.

Global service network for older vehicles

The other three Porsche Classic Centres are located in the Netherlands, France and Norway. Together with 72 Porsche Centres certified as Porsche Classic Partners, they form a global service network for heritage vehicles from the Zuffenhausen sports-car manufacturer. The Porsche Classic locations offer customers with these cars local contacts who combine service and consulting with enthusiasm and exceptional expertise. Porsche Classic has developed a special training and educational programme for its employees. The Centres and the Partners both have specialist tools and model-specific repair manuals to ensure the best possible maintenance and repair work. This allows Porsche to ensure a uniform high standard of quality worldwide. The Centres and Partners are also connected with the special procurement team at the Stuttgart factory restoration facility, which can support them in locating even rare genuine parts.

Facts and figures for Porsche Centre Geneva / Porsche Classic Centre Geneva:

Location: Impasse Colombelle 2, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex
Surface area: 12,800 m2
Workshop: 1,500 m2 with 16 work stations
Preparation area for new and pre-owned cars: 274 m2
New car showroom: 600+ m2
Classic car showroom: 210+ m2
Used car show space: 1,000 m2
Personnel/employees: 77
CEO: Alexandre Mottet
Owner: Orchid Sports Cars SA
Architecture: Architekturbüro Jacques Bugna (exterior), Michelle Zur (interior), AWS Architekten AG (Aurel Toth)
Opening: 1 March, 2021 (opening ceremony: 10 June, 2021)

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