Since the beginning of the year, committee membership has been increased to include Sarah Jastram, Raffaela Rein and Adnan Amin. They will be collaborating with well-known experts Klaus Töpfer and Ortwin Renn. Lucia Reisch is the spokesperson for the Porsche Sustainability Council, which advises the Executive Board on orienting the sports car company’s strategy towards sustainability. With its new members, the Sustainability Council is broadening its thematic focus. In addition, Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller, CEO of the mechanical engineering company Trumpf, will participate in the council’s meetings with the Porsche Executive Board. She will contribute with her longstanding experience from the world of business as an industry partner.

“Porsche has a holistic approach to sustainability – ecological, economic and social. The topic plays a central part in our strategy.” Oliver Blume

“Porsche has a holistic approach to sustainability – ecological, economic and social. The topic plays a central part in our strategy. The Sustainability Council provides im-portant impetus in this context. Inspiring perspectives from the outside are essential for further development,” says Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG.

“We are delighted to continue the intensive and proven dialogue with Porsche. As part of this process, the Sustainability Council will become even more international and more digital, and will contribute value-based perspectives,” says Lucia Reisch, Spokesperson of the Sustainability Council.

Adnan Amin, Lucia Reisch, Raffaela Rein, Klaus Töpfer, Sarah Jastram, Ortwin Renn, l-r, Porsche Sustainability Council, 2021, Porsche AG
Porsche Sustainability Council: Adnan Amin, Lucia Reisch, Raffaela Rein, Klaus Töpfer, Sarah Jastram and Ortwin Renn (f.l.)

With the addition of economist Sarah Jastram (professor of business ethics and sustainability at the Hamburg School of Business Administration) and entrepreneur Raffaela Rein (multiple founder and board member of the German Startups Association), Porsche has further expanded the business expertise on its advisory committee. Meanwhile Kenyan diplomat Adnan Amin is able to contribute broad international experience in the field of energy policy. He is a Senior Fellow at Harvard University and has twenty years of experience at the United Nations and as Director General of the International Renewable Energy Agency.

Sustainability Council with great expertise

World-renowned experts Klaus Töpfer, Ortwin Renn and Lucia Reisch have been on board since the Sustainability Council was first established in 2016. Klaus Töpfer (former Federal Minister for the Environment and former Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme) has been campaigning for sustainability for decades. Ortwin Renn has spent his long academic career working on the management of risk and is Scientific Director of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in Potsdam. Lucia Reisch is a professor at Copenhagen Business School, where she conducts research into sustainability, behavioural economics and consumer protection. This year she accepted an appointment in Cambridge (UK) to establish an institute for behavioural economics and policy with a focus on sustainable development.

The Sustainability Council meets twice a year with the Porsche Executive Board. The Council members act independently, are not bound to instructions, and hold extensive information and consultation rights and powers of initiative.

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Consommation et émissions

Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo (2023)

  • 0 g/km
  • 24,0 – 22,5 kWh/100 km
  • 428 – 458 km

Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo (2023)

Consommation de combustible / Émissions
émissions de CO₂ en cycle mixte (WLTP) 0 g/km
consommation électrique en cycle mixte (WLTP) 24,0 – 22,5 kWh/100 km
Autonomie électrique combinée (WLTP) 428 – 458 km
Autonomie électrique en zone urbaine (WLTP) 519 – 561 km
Classe d'efficacité: C