In its attitude campaign, Porsche dispenses with imposing vehicle images and focuses in- stead on the topic of life dreams. The communications programme is primarily designed to address new, strategic target groups, support them in achieving their dreams and anchor the brand purpose “Driven by Dreams”. Alongside classic cross-channel communications, the focus is also on so-called enabling measures. For the first time, the sports car manufacturer is bringing together Vogue and Wired as media partners.

Oliver Hoffmann, 2020, Porsche AG
Oliver Hoffmann, Head of Marketing Communications at Porsche

“We are breaking radically new ground in Porsche communication,” says Oliver Hoffmann, Head of Marketing Communications at Porsche. “People will not find any product staging in this campaign. We define ourselves through our brand purpose ‘Driven by Dreams’. This value fits in with our history, is tangible and is at the same time very inspiring for everyone. We are showing through this programme that we actively support our target groups in achieving their dreams. With long-term brand-related communications we create maximum relevance.”

The brand purpose focuses on an aspect that has always been the hallmark of Porsche. It is derived from a quote from company founder Ferry Porsche, who could not find the car he was dreaming of and therefore decided to build it himself. The brand still stands for this fulfilment of a dream to this day.

Online platform with familiar faces as mentors

An interactive online mentoring programme will start things off at the end of July 2021. In “The Art of Drive”, well-known personalities will talk about how they fulfilled their dream and inspired other people in short films, articles, interviews and digital events. The common theme will be the obstacles that they had to overcome on their way to the goal and the courage needed to repeatedly break new ground. The personalities act as mentors and are intended to provide users with inspiration on how to achieve even the most ambitious projects. The programme was created in collaboration with Vogue and Wired.

Annie Clark aka St. Vincent, 2021, Porsche AG
Annie Clark aka St. Vincent is a Grammy award-winning artist.
Julien Roure, 2021, Porsche AG
Julien Roure builds custom guitars entirely by hand.
Sophie de Oliveira Barata, 2021, Porsche AG
Sophie de Oliveira Barata works to change the narrative around disability.
Afridun Amu, 2021, Porsche AG
Afridun Amu is the first Afghan surfer at major international championships.

The well-known voices include Annie Clark, known as St. Vincent. The American mu- sician describes in a film how she managed to write history as an artist with a great deal of creativity. The film was directed by Nina Meredith. Other global and local “Dreamer Stories” on digital and social media channels will round off this initial phase.

The Global Gallery will be launched in autumn 2021. This will focus on young artists and offer them a platform to make their art accessible to a broad target group. A second module of “The Art of Drive” will follow later this year. Further activities are planned in 2022 and beyond. The brand programme “Dreamers. On.” was developed and designed together with Grabarz & Partner and implemented on the media side with PHD.


Further information on the global and local activities of the brand programme can be found on the Porsche brand hub

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