In the 70s and 80s, tape players revolutionised music listening worldwide. The first versions of a portable cassette player quickly became the lifestyle object of an entire generation, always closely linked to the international hip-hop movement and the mix tapes of early rap crews. More than 40 years later, Niko Backspin and Porsche are bringing back this very cult and giving the culture a shared space once again: for the “Back 2 Tape” project, the music journalist has read his favourite chapters from the travel and culture guide “Hip Hop Culture.”

Niko Backspin, Back 2 Tape, 2021, Porsche AG

As an exclusive limited edition gift box, the audio tape, as well as a hand-painted and signed tape player in combination with the road book, are now available for 98 euros at Delius Klasing Verlag – the perfect Christmas present for all hip-hop fans. Niko Backspin and Porsche will donate the proceeds from the sale to the non-profit organisation Viva con Agua.

Hip-hop is a pioneering spirit

What makes hip-hop, with its disciplines of rap, break-dancing, graffiti and DJing, so unique that it manages to inspire and connect people across generations and national borders? For music journalist and “Back to Tape” host Niko Backspin, the reason for its success lies not in its multitude of expressions, but in the values it embodies. “Hip-hop is a pioneering spirit. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you believe in. Hip-hop literally gives you the stage to create something out of nothing.”

In 2018 and 2020, the Hamburg-based hip-hop expert explored this spirit with Porsche in Europe. The feature-length, multi-award-winning video documentaries “Back to Tape” (2018) and “Back 2 Tape” (2020) tell the story of the journalist’s road trip from Stuttgart to Berlin, from Barcelona to Paris, and from Hamburg to Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

"Back 2 Tape“ box

Here you can find the "Back 2 Tape" box from Niko Backspin and Porsche with audio tape, signed tape player and shared road book.


In April 2021, Niko Backspin and Porsche then published a joint travel and cultural guide to hip-hop in Europe. Over a total of 212 pages, the road book published by Delius Klasing Verlag covers portraits of scene greats such as Kool Savas, Lord Esperanza, Edson Sabajo, Falsalarma, Lars Pedersen and Michael “Mikel” Rosemann, while at the same time delving deep into the creative scenes of the European metropolises. “In this book, we combine the freedom of a road trip and give hip-hop culture a space far away from concerts and album releases,” Niko Backspin comments on the concept.

Limited fan box just in time for Advent

All hip-hop fans who can’t get enough of “Back 2 Tape”, or haven’t read the book yet, now have the chance to purchase an exclusive fan box for themselves or their loved ones just in time for the start of the Christmas season.

Limited to 50 copies, the box includes a tape player designed by Niko Backspin and selected creative artists from the hip-hop scene. On the audio tape, which is also included, Niko Backspin has read his favourite chapters from the book. Both the individualised player and the tape are available exclusively in this box limited to 50 copies. And because hip-hop always expresses itself with a certain attention to detail, the box also includes an “Official Back 2 Tape Winding Tool” for the cassette player.

Buy the limited box and support water projects worldwide

As before, every hip-hop fan can do some good with “Back 2 Tape”: all proceeds from sales will once again benefit Viva con Agua. The non-profit organisation gives people worldwide access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation. With its WASH project (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene), Viva Con Agua provides a better water supply in many countries, for example Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique and South Africa.

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