For clean water: four strong partners launch clean-up mission in Romania

Four partners, one vision: the Ferry Porsche Foundation, the Audi Environmental Foundation, BABOR and green start-up everwave are working together for a clean future. To mark Earth Day on 22 April, the quartet is sending a rubbish-collection boat to Romania. The ship will spend the next five weeks removing plastic and other waste from the Danube.

The highly efficient boat, called CollectiX, is equipped with a conveyor belt and intelligent sensors, which collect information on the amount, type and composition of the waste. This data will help to develop a long-term solution and preventative strategies for the region, beyond the initial waste-removal work. “Sustainability is among the most important issues of our time. Economically, environmentally and socially. Children and young people in particular are close to the heart of the Ferry Porsche Foundation. This is why we’re working with partners to make the environment a little more liveable,” says Sebastian Rudolph, CEO of the Ferry Porsche Foundation.

More than 11 million tonnes of plastic enter the world’s oceans each year. A large part arrives via waterways such as the Danube. The river, which originates in Germany and flows through 10 countries, is one of the most heavily polluted bodies of water in Europe. Last year, the Audi Environmental Foundation, BABOR and everwave in Serbia removed more than 3.2 tonnes of plastic from the Danube.

Ferry-Porsche-Stiftung, clean-up mission in Romania, 2022, Porsche AG
The boat, called CollectiX

With the Ferry Porsche Foundation on board, the mission is now gaining further momentum: The new collaboration will significantly extend and intensify the clean-up campaign. In addition to the use of boats, the partners also plan an extensive information campaign that aims to raise awareness and promote sustainable action.

About the Audi Environmental Foundation:

The Audi Environmental Foundation has been actively promoting new technology for a liveable future for more than 10 years. In doing so, the Foundation makes an important contribution to environmental protection, provides impetus for sustainable action and promotes awareness of the impact of human behaviour on nature. In 2018, the Foundation launched an effort to create a holistic approach to promoting innovative technologies for the protection of water bodies. These range from rubbish traps in rivers and clean-up campaigns to microplastic filtration in road runoff.


The BABOR brand is the heart of the family business BABOR BEAUTY GROUP and the market leader for professional cosmetics in Europe. Launched as ‘biomedical cosmetics’, sustainability is part of its DNA. BABOR has set itself sustainability goals with an ambitious green agenda. The brand is already carbon neutral thanks to a partnership with Climate Partner, but aims to reduce its own CO₂ emissions by 50 per cent by 2025, use 30 per cent less virgin plastic by 2023, and avoid liquid microplastics whenever possible.

About everwave

using special clean-up technology consisting of anchored platforms and artificially intelligent rubbish collection boats, everwave’s team of scientists, mechanical engineers and marketing experts is ridding rivers around the world of plastic waste and aims to make a crucial difference. The green start-up is guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. A key pillar of these – number 17, in fact – is creating global partnerships to achieve targets.

About the Ferry Porsche Foundation:

Founded in 2018, the Ferry Porsche Foundation promotes and initiates charitable projects in the areas of social welfare, the environment, education and science, culture and sports. Through its societal commitments, the Foundation aims above all to support young people at the company locations of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG. It is named after Ferry Porsche, who founded the Porsche sports car brand in 1948.

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