Turbo for Talents

The real spirit of the game is learnt early on. Therefore Porsche has, in keeping with it social responsibility, specifically become engaged in supporting junior sport. In four dynamic sports.

Only those receiving optimal vocational training can produce top performances later in their careers. Porsche takes the conviction to heart, and not only within the company. Particularly in places where it has plants, Porsche embraces its social responsibility head on and is committed to supporting children and teenagers. They have to have the chance to develop their personalities and talents. In keeping with the sports car manufacturer’s philosophy, the clear message is, “Turbo für Talente” (Turbo for Talents).

Many of the “Turbo für Talente” projects are all about conveying strong and formative mutual experiences within a diversity of sports to children and teenagers: triumph and disappointment as a team, the fun to be had when exercising and enthusiasm for sport in general. Thereby vital abilities like self-confidence, fairness or team spirit are bolstered considerably for the vocational careers of the young sportsmen and women.

Six talented juniors are supported within Porsche Talent Team Germany

But Porsche wouldn’t be Porsche if the company did not also embrace talented children and juniors. The idea that there can be no top class sport without a dedicated junior coaching set-up has been practised successfully in tennis since 2012. Six talented juniors are supported within Porsche Talent Team Germany and are actively assisted on their travels to the various tournaments.

The aim of the project is to establish Germany in the long term amongst the world’s elite – also for the time after Angelique Kerber and co. “The success shows that this type of sponsorship is the right road, and a very sensible one. Together with Porsche, we want to continue down the path we’ve started on. We’re looking forward to the future with these highly-promising youngsters,” said Ulrich Klaus, President of the “Deutsche Tennis Bund” (DTB – German Tennis Association). Partner Porsche is ready and waiting.

“Role models are important”

Detlev von Platen is responsible for sales and marketing on the Porsche board – and sport sponsoring too.

Mr von Platen, could you describe the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in one sentence please?

Detlev von Platen: Of course, the tournament is a success story.

How does the sponsorship of the Porsche Team Germany fit in with the tournament?

It’s a sensible and logical complement. Developing the best German players is something close to our heart. We’re pinning our hopes on a close partnership with the Deutsche Tennis Bund. It’s far more fun for young people to play tennis when they have role models in their own country. And we’re involved in the Porsche Talent Team Germany so that our young hopefuls can develop their talents. We want there to be such role models in the future too – and that they also show their best sides at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix.

You’re becoming more and more involved in junior sport …

It belongs to our entrepreneurial responsibility. Our involvement in tennis, football, basketball or ice hockey recognises the social function of sport which moves children and young people in more ways than one. For sport is much more that the sum of the individual sports talents. It is also about the shared experience, enjoying physical exercise and enthusiasm.

The team concept appears to be something dear to your heart?

That surprises you? It has a lot to do with our history. Behind Porsche’s successes, and by that I don’t only mean the major triumphs in motorsport, was and is a whole team. Porsche has not become what it is today only as a result of brilliant engineering skills but also its team spirit.


The Porsche Basketball Academy pins its hopes on the effective interaction between sport and school.

Eleven partner clubs and 55 partner schools are, within the framework of the Porsche Basketball Academy in Ludwigsburg, involved in ensuring about 2,500 children in the region have the opportunity of playing regular basketball with professional instruction. In addition to the basic funding, Porsche also provides vehicles for the cooperation. Porsche also donates three prizes annually for BBA athletes – in the categories “Most Improved Player”, “Best School Performance” and “Largest Social Engagement”. The winners receive a subsidy to take their driving licences. The Basketball Academy is now well established within the sport. This was made obvious by its members winning the national junior league championship in 2015. That a good school education is the biggest priority despite all the sports activities is something that Porsche is particularly impressed by. “On the one hand it would be irresponsible at this age to pin all one’s hopes on a possible career in elite sport,” says Lutz Meschke, Member of the Executive Board - Finances and IT at Porsche AG, “on the other, good school performances also help free the head for good performances on the court.”

Diameter: 749 mm
Weight: 567 g
Furthest throw: 33.5 m


All good things are three: Porsche has spread its sport engagement for the benefit of juniors.


The long-established club and Porsche AG are endeavouring to benefit children by means of the “Kickers Trainingsmobil” campaign. Children and youngsters from clubs and elementary schools in the region are given the chance to train with professional junior coaches. For this purpose, Kickers have been provided with a Macan. Out of it all has evolved the “Porsche Football Academy” and, like in all other projects, “a “Porsche Football Award” is donated. The Kickers Football Academy and football camps in the school holidays are also supported.


Within its engagement at the third division club, Porsche not only appears on the jerseys of the junior teams. The company is also the official partner of the “Zweiten Wegs” (“Second path”) scheme whereby talented footballers complete either an apprenticeship, trainee programme or university studies alongside their sports activities. Also supported is the SG’s junior performance center. In addition, there is also an educational partnership encompassing club visits to the plant and Porsche’s vocation training center. The wide-ranging measures started up at the beginning of the 2015 / 16 season.


In the state of Saxony, Porsche and the second division club RB Leipzig began a trend-setting project back in October 2014. The engagement in Leipzig, home to a Porsche plant, ranges from a sponsorship award given to an outstanding junior team at the club (Porsche Talent Team) to a football camp for underprivileged children in the school holidays and the so-called “Leipziger Viertelfinale”. The first round of the tournament for juniors in the city district has 64 teams and 700 participants taking part. The winning team received the trophy at half-time of one of the senior team’s league matches.

Circumference: 685 – 700 mm
Weight: 410 – 450 g
Speed: up to 210 km / h


From the juniors to the top: the Porsche concept is working.

Porsche is the Premium Partner of the Deutsche Tennis Bund and supports Porsche Team Germany. The upturn in German women tennis has already produced a number of big successes – in the Fed Cup, the international team competition, or at WTA tournaments. “The players supported by Porsche can win important tournament and make a really big breakthrough,” says Markus Günthardt, tournament director of the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix. The best example: Porsche Brand Ambassador and Grand Slam winner Angelique Kerber. So that top talents can orient themselves on players like her, develop their personalities and then become top players themselves, Porsche supports young prospects, like in the picture below Anna-Lena Friedsam, in the Porsche Talent Team Germany.

Diameter: 65.4 – 68.6 mm
Weight: 56.7 – 58.5 g
Speed: up to 263 km / h

Ice Hockey

The long-standing engagement in Bietigheim has been revamped.

Porsche has been supporting the SC Bietigheim-Bissingen Steelers ice hockey club for almost two decades. Since 2014, the company has been engaged as a sponsoring partner in the second division club’s junior set-up – with the “Turbo für Talente” scheme that is already proving successful in basketball and football. The awards will handed out for the first time in summer. The Steelers will enter six junior teams with 160 players in the competition. Also sponsored since 2001 is the annual Ice Hockey Camp held in the town that is home to several Porsche subsidiaries.

Height: 254 mm
Diameter: 76.2 cm
Weight: 156 – 170 g
Speed: up to 170 km / h


Text first published in “Porsche Tennis/Magazin 2016”.

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