RSS feed: live news from Porsche

With our free RSS feed you receive the latest news from the Porsche Newsroom in seconds. On your mobile device or on your desktop, the RSS offer can be used in your supported browser, your RSS reader or even your email program.

Where can I find the Porsche RSS feed?

Access the RSS feed here:

What is the Porsche RSS feed?

The RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is a communication channel which works similarly to a subscription. As soon as an article is published, you immediately receive a message by means of webpages, software tools or your browser.

How can you read an RSS feed?

Many internet browsers or even e-mail programs offer the possibility of displaying and managing RSS feeds. So you only use one program and keep everything in view. All you have to do is subscribe to the feeds in your application.

Browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, are capable of processing feeds on their own so that you require no additional RSS reader. You can then simply add RSS feeds to your bookmarks or favourites. In your browser's help function you can check in advance whether it supports RSS functions. Meanwhile, most standard browsers are equipped with RSS software.

If you want to read your RSS feeds separately from your internet browser, you need an independent RSS reader or widget for Windows or Mac. There is a wide range of them. You will find many providers and download options online.

How do I obtain a mobile RSS feed?

First of all, the internet browser on your mobile must have RSS capability. Now there are two possible scenarios. Either, the browser may request you automatically to subscribe to the feed or, if this is not the case, you must enter the address of the newsroom RSS feed manually. Then simply enter the link to the RSS feed in your browser: