Testing the 718 Boxster

According to Porsche, the 718 Boxster is both an emotional and a sporty pleasure to drive. But what do the journalists who drove it in Portugal think? An overview.

“This is Porsche's purest example of a traditional sports car.”

"It handles better, goes faster, is more efficient and all that nice spreadsheety ticking of boxes. If you came to this car without knowing the old one, then you’d be blown away. And yet, it’s not - quite - as emotional or engaging as the previous six-cylinder generation, simply because of the way the engine makes power. In a roadster, a sportscar, there’s no shame in having to work an engine that little bit harder to hear and feel it really get going."

“Porsche has hit the bullseye once again. There’s no denying that the new four-cylinder engine in the 718 Boxster doesn’t have the ultimate character of the old flat-six, but the massive increases in performance and useful fuel efficiency gains make this a price worth paying. Factor in the car’s sparkling handling, tweaked looks and upgraded interior, and the new Boxster is one of the most desirable roadsters money can buy.”


“The new 718 Boxster offers the sweetest handling as well as the most luxurious interior, and now with dramatic performance whether you like surfing mid-range torque or exploring the wailing redline.”

“Let’s face it, swapping the sonorous flat-sixes for a pair of turbo’d flat-fours was never going to improve the soundtrack of one of the most sweet-handling models you can buy, no matter the price tag. But with the adoption of the new engines, the new 718 Boxster can now claim not only to be really cleaner on terms of emissions but also way faster.”

Consumption data

718 Boxster: Combined fuel consumption: 7.4 – 6.9 l/100 km; CO2 emissions: 168 - 158 g/km

718 Boxster S: Combined fuel consumption 8.1 – 7.3 l/100 km; CO2 emissions: 184 - 167 g/km

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