During the campaign, sports car fans can share their photos of spectacular curves on Instagram under the hashtag #5billioncurves. The photos are then transferred to the Boxster Spyder web special over a common interface. Besides curve photos, visitors to the microsite also obtain a very special weather service. Depending on the local situation where the user lives, a video clip is played projecting the new Boxster Spyder perfectly in the scenery under the local weather conditions.

The web special and the Instagram campaign of Porsche

With the Instagram campaign, Porsche is expanding its commitment to social media. The sports car manufacturer was one of the first car brands to become active on social media channels and has had its own YouTube channel since 2008. For Porsche, Instagram is an important channel since the platform supports the visual qualities of products. "Using social media we can network with younger target groups efficiently and sustainably," said Robert Ader, Director Marketing Communications at Porsche AG.

Consumption data

Boxster Spyder: fuel consumption combined 9.9 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 230 g/km

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