Porsche Cars Australia today released a 60-second video featuring two Porsche Taycan electric sportscars playing a life-size version of the famous Pong video game, with a high-tech 3D drone used in place of the fast-moving bouncing ball.

Beyond the video, Taycan Arcade, a fun interactive online game inspired by ‘Pong’, the original table tennis-themed arcade video game released by Atari in 1972 has also been shared.

Taycan Arcade helps celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pong, one of Atari's pioneering video games.

Taycan Arcade retains the principle challenge of the original ‘70s classic. Using controls on either a mobile device or computer, players move their Taycan up and down their assigned side of the screen to ‘hit’ the ball and bounce it back at their opponent in the other court, with the aim of making the ball bounce past the other player to score a point.

Porsche fans and video game lovers can find Taycan Arcade at taycanarcade.com.au. 

“Taycan Arcade is a fun and fitting way to celebrate a technology pioneer which established a new global wave,” says Daniel Schmollinger, CEO and Managing Director of Porsche Cars Australia. “Our company’s first all-electric sportscar is leading a new generation of electric vehicles from Porsche. In similar fashion, whenever people see this instantly recognisable video game, it’s immediately synonymous with new technologies and the origins of a new movement.”

Sportscar fans can also discover Taycan Arcade at the Porsche activation on Oval 17 during this year’s Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix, to be held in Melbourne from 30 March – 2 April.

Pong turns 50

Atari, the pioneering US interactive entertainment company that created Pong, is celebrating the game’s 50th anniversary. The famous two-dimensional digital tennis match is widely regarded as the first commercially successful video game. It helped launch the modern video games industry and introduced an entire generation to the joy of arcade video games.

After its 1972 release, Pong quickly migrated from arcades to homes thanks to the arrival of the Atari 2600, the first widely adopted home video games console with swappable cartridges.


Play Taycan Arcade by visiting taycanarcade.com.au.

Discover more about the 50th anniversary of Pong and Atari by visiting Atari.com.

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