Zync is a San Francisco-based “passenger experience company” that delivers new digital entertainment services such as video streaming, gaming and e-commerce to cars. Through this partnership, Porsche is pursuing its interests in business areas beyond its core while focusing on developing innovative solutions for the in-car entertainment of the future.

Zync’s technology bridges the gap between the entertainment and automotive industries, by allowing media content to be delivered to cars via a central partner. Thanks to a newly developed software solution and international partner network, streaming offers from third-party providers, for example, can be integrated directly into vehicles’ entertainment systems. The advantage is that this solution is based entirely on existing infotainment architectures, which means that hardware adjustments are not necessary. In addition to car manufacturers, Zync is also aimed at new mobility providers.

Zync turns the car into a private cinema

"Digital and personalizable in-vehicle solutions are becoming increasingly important for many drivers. With Zync, we’re now creating another opportunity to offer current and popular entertainment formats for this environment,” says Christian Knörle, Head of Company Building at Porsche Digital. “We’re delighted to be working with Rana June (RJ) and her founding team to help develop this promising market.”

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Zync delivers new digital entertainment services to cars

Beyond hosting a number of diverse media collaborations, Zync boasts access to curated libraries of premium content. These are personalized through intelligent algorithms and recommended based on user interests, travel duration and current mood. By 2023, they will be able to integrate further functions such as interactive video games or online shopping as well. “We are delighted to have Forward31, a strong partner from the automotive industry, at our side,” says RJ, founder of Zync. In addition to its headquarters in San Francisco, the US start-up will open another office in Munich, Germany, later this year.

Porsche’s start-up ecosystem

Porsche is consistently driving forward the expansion of its start-up ecosystem in order to increase its innovative strength. In addition to building up a portfolio of business models via its company builder Forward31, the sports car manufacturer uses a variety of other instruments. Through Porsche Ventures, the company strategically invests directly in promising start-ups. Furthermore, the APX accelerator programme, a joint venture between Porsche and the media company Axel Springer, is used to further develop nascent companies at an earlier development phase. In addition, Porsche is also a partner of the open innovation platform Startup Autobahn.

About Forward31

The company builder Forward31 is a business unit of Porsche Digital. Its focus is on building a portfolio of promising start-ups that tap into new target groups and value chains beyond the core automotive business. These are founded and further devel-oped as independent companies together with entrepreneurs. Further information can be found at: www.forward31.com.

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