The 18th issue of Porsche Consulting’s customer magazine focuses on entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries. They describe current priorities in their work. Kerstin Scholz, Executive Board Member of VR Leasing, is rigorously eliminating paper files at her financial services company. Stefan Oschmann, CEO of the Darmstadt-based technology corporation Merck, has found that low levels of curiosity act as a brake on innovative power. He has therefore launched an unusual initiative, and taken charge of it himself.

The managers of two different bookstore chains, who happen to be friends, are not intimidated by Amazon. With the support of Porsche Consulting, Christian Riethmüller (Osiander) and Hartmut Falter (Mayersche) are resolutely setting up their shops to provide the best advice to customers. And an idea of what the factories of the future will look like is provided by the sketch hanging in the office of Oliver Jung, COO of the Schaeffler Group. It serves as a model for around 70 Schaeffler sites worldwide.

Five individuals, each boasting considerable life experience

Reporting directly from track side at midnight, another feature story shows how Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) is improving its punctuality. The new magazine concludes with five individuals, each boasting considerable life experience, summarizing their approach in a single sentence.


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