“Fully automated farm machinery will be commonplace”

Dr. Heribert Reiter, Vice President Engineering Tractors Global of AGCO Corporation. From the series: “How ready are managers to go digital?“ (part 3).

Modern technology is playing a crucial role in our ability to feed the world’s rapidly growing population. Without it we will not be able to achieve the necessary increases in productivity and efficiency. Such technology also reduces harvest losses and ensures sustainable land management while enabling food to remain affordable. Although many people still have a traditional image of farming, electronic and high-tech equipment have been a part of agriculture since the early 1990s. Since then, convenience and automation have greatly assisted efforts to further increase productivity, efficiency, and quality.

Just as “Industry 4.0” was introduced to industrial production, we will also be seeing “Farming 4.0,” which refers to complete connectivity among all the elements in the farming process. This development has already led to a very high level of automation, which will continue to rise. Fully automated machinery will be commonplace in the future.


Read the complete series here: Going digital – The Manager´s Perspective

Photo by AGCO Corporation

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