Management approaches


Business & Customers

Satisfied customers, economic stability, ­value-­generating growth and social acceptance are the focus of all of our business ­activities at Porsche. Corporate responsibility begins with our self-image of actively helping to protect the natural conditions for life on earth and of benefiting our business environment. Economic efficiency, environmental consciousness and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary – by combining them we create more value for our stakeholders.

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Product responsibility

Porsche develops high-quality, innovative and long-lasting products. With each new model generation, Porsche consistently sets new standards in quality, environmental friendliness and safety across the entire life cycle of all ­vehicles. The Product responsibility action area covers the topics identified in 2017’s materiality ­ana­lysis, namely “Vehicle safety”, “Fuel consumption and vehicle emissions”, “Materials and sustainable raw materials” and “New ­mobility concepts”. Clearly defined processes and skills are in place for these topics, alongside transparent evaluation procedures.

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Environment & Energy

Porsche views the conservation of natural ­resources as an entrepreneurial obligation. Whether in development or in production, the objective is to impact the environment as ­little as possible, to use energy efficiently and to increase the share of renewable energies. All the steps taken to this end are scrutinised on a continuous basis along the entire value chain, and improvements are made where necessary.

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Employees & Society

At Porsche, people are at the centre of the company. It assumes responsibility for its ­employees and invests in their future. ­Continuous professional development and qualification are hallmarks of the Porsche ­culture. At the same time, key importance is attached to equal opportunities, diversity and co-determination as well as the ongoing improvement of our employees’ worklife ­balance along with fair and performance-based remuneration.

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