Judith Gabbert works as a User Experience Expert in the Porsche Digital Lab and acts as an interface between the needs of the user, the technological possibilities of the Porsche ideas laboratory and the professional requirements of the Porsche Group.

In her role as User Experience Expert, it is Judith's job to identify the needs of the users and their expectations for a product or service. Her aim is to work together with the Lab team as well as colleagues from all Porsche departments and future users to develop holistic concepts that meet the challenges of each problem while creating the best possible experience for the user with the aid of new technology. Judith's work in this area includes managing ideation in the Lab, developing concepts and testing these concepts with users.

Close collaboration between the design and technology teams

What is involved in practice? Judith supervises initial workshops in which ideas for solutions to each problem are developed with the help of “Design Thinking”. This process involves collaborating with various departments, users and experts from the field of big data, artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0.

These ideation workshops incorporate different aspects from previous user research efforts as well as inspiration from innovative technologies. The interdisciplinary team format ensures from the outset that all perspectives are included and a wide range of ideas is generated. According to their order of priority, ideas are fleshed out and visualised using preliminary sketches and prototypes. At the same time, the technical development of the prototype begins. The close collaboration between the design and technology teams achieves instantly recognisable results and also makes it possible to regularly test the concepts being developed with the help of users and experts. As a result, any challenge can be solved according to expectations and provide real benefits for everyone involved.

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