With Mark Webber in Le Mans

Alongside his duties as Grand Marshal, Mark Webber took time in Le Mans to grant the Porsche community an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes at the race. Here is an overview of the event.

Mark Webber is not only a former racing driver for the Porsche LMP1 team and the company’s new ambassador, but also the Tribe leader of the Porsche profile on the DriveTribe social media platform. Followers there were able to experience the race weekend in Mark Webber’s company.

LMP1 steering wheel

It looks a bit like the controller for a games console – the steering wheel of the Porsche 919 Hybrid. Which fundamental functions can the driver control with which button? Mark Webber gives a brief overview.

The Porsche 919 Hybrid (2016)

From steering wheel to a complete vehicle? The winning car from last year was on display in the Porsche Experience Center in Le Mans. Mark Webber explains the special features on the previous year’s winner.

A lap of Le Mans

Mark Webber knows the circuit at Le Mans inside and out. What is the ideal line, where are the braking points, where can things get a little tricky? The former LMP1 driver has some insider tips ready.

Webber answers

Numerous questions have come in for Mark Webber via social media in the meantime. The Australian takes the time to give some answers.

In the LMP1 garage

The race is starting shortly, the tension is rising as the highlight nears – and Mark Webber is right at the centre of it all as he gives motorsport fans an exclusive look into the Porsche LMP1 garage. Fans could not wish to get any closer to the action.

Among colleagues

Shortly before the race Mark Webber snatches a brief interview with Timo Bernhard in the Porsche garage. The former teammates shared a cockpit just last year. The subsequent Le Mans winner describes his feelings ahead of the race.

The race is underway

Mark Webber watches the first few minutes of the race alongside Maria Sharapova – and greets followers from the circuit.

Visit to the employee camp

A cycle ride to the camping site on the infield where more than 1000 Porsche employees are witnessing the race. The cameraman could not keep up at the end...

Darkness is falling

Night is drawing in over Le Mans. For the drivers, this means that the utmost concentration is required! Mark Webber gives an insight into how it feels to drive the LMP1 in darkness.

Good morning

Porsche has survived an eventful night at Le Mans in good shape and the 919 Hybrid number 1 is in the lead. Mark Webber welcomes you from the circuit.

Webber explains

It is hot Le Mans – and the drivers need to drink a lot. How do you do that with a helmet on your head? Webber gives a brief explanation.

In the trophy room

The race has come to an end, the 919 Hybrid emblazoned with the number 2 has won the race. Shortly, Mark Webber will present the winner’s trophy to Timo Bernhard, Earl Bamber and Brendon Hartley. First, he talks to the followers.

Hat trick!

Mission accomplished, Porsche has completed the hat trick! Mark Webber signs off and heads to a well-deserved evening off.

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