The record speaks for itself: third place this year on the Hockenheimring; continuously in the top six of the world rankings since 2009, including the top ranking in the first year; and an impressive acceleration record in 2015. Every year the GreenTeam from the University of Stuttgart works with unflagging determination to build a race car to put to the test in a series of competitions. Once again this year, the up-and-coming engineers of the GreenTeam are waging a successful campaign against the international competition in the Formula Student Electric championship with their self-developed, designed and built electric vehicle.

Student, GreenTeam, engineer, Porsche Engineering, l-r, 2016, Porsche AG
Students exchange ideas with engineers from Porsche Engineering

The long-standing collaboration between students and experts in the engineering services areas is advantageous for both sides. Young prospects come into contact with the company at an early stage and can establish valuable contacts for their later career development. They gain practical experience and learn how to deal with business partners. The companies, too, benefit from direct contact with the young engineering prospects and the associated link to the university and instructors.

Engineer, Porsche Engineering, students, GreenTeam, l-r, 2016, Porsche AG
Experts from Porsche Engineering support the students

With the rollout at the end of April — the first official presentation of the vehicle to sponsors, supporters, friends and family — the students reach one of their most important intermediate goals. “We learn a lot from the experienced Porsche engineers and are then really excited to show them our own developments,” says Alexander Stemmler. As one of the main sponsors, Porsche Engineering holds a “test design event” in preparation for the presentation of the vehicle to the Formula Student jurors. The race car is presented in a similar manner as in the later contest and discussed and evaluated together with the Porsche engineers. This enables students to acclimate themselves to critical questioning, and they receive an independent estimation of their race car as well as final tips for the competition. Finally, in July and August the electric race cars must ultimately demonstrate how successfully they measure up against the competition from the international university teams in terms of concept and tactics.

GreenTeam, 2016, Porsche AG
The GreenTeam of the University of Stuttgart

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