“My grandma was flabbergasted when I turned up on her doorstep in the Porsche”, Timo Behrendt recounted. The 30-year-old was planning a special surprise for his grandmother’s landmark birthday and contacted the team from Porsche Drive to hire a white Panamera.

Initially, Behrendt was somewhat concerned that the 90-year-old might have difficulties getting in, “but these worries were completely unfounded”. With a little assistance, she took her place in the passenger seat and instantly praised the comfortable seating position.

Timo Behrendt and family
Family portrait with the Panamera

They then set off for the birthday party, where family and friends were already waiting for the two of them. “Grandma was really banging the drum for this fantastic car and urged all the guests to have a seat in the Porsche themselves,” said grandson Timo.

The special gift dates back to a story from Timo Behrendt’s childhood. As a small boy, he would often go for a walk with his grandmother and knew just about every car that drove past them. “I would name all the cars and when we passed a Porsche, I always used to say: when I’m grown up, I’ll have a white Porsche, too, and then we’ll drive through Berlin together. I’m really happy that this wish has become reality.”

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