As a successful company, Porsche feels an ­obligation to society as a whole. The sports car manufacturer accepts social responsibility, particularly at its plant locations. In 2018 alone, Porsche has supported more than 100 individual projects from the areas of education and science, culture, social affairs, sport and environment, through donations and CSR sponsorship activities.

The company has also created the Ferry ­Porsche Foundation on the occasion of the sports car brand’s 70th anniversary. The ­foundation will primarily focus activities on the company sites in Stuttgart, Weissach and Leipzig. There are also projects at the international sites, where the foundation supports projects in science, research and training as well as schooling and education. Alongside this, it supports initiatives in the areas of ­c­ulture and environmental conservation and helps socially deprived people. Support for children and young people is at the centre of the foundation’s work. Porsche plans increasingly to create its own programmes within the framework of the foundation. 

The foundation initially has ten million euros at its disposal. A further ten million euros will follow in a second step, after which additional capital will flow into the foundation annually from Porsche AG’s company profit. With this initiative, the company is enhancing its social activities in the long term. 

Ferry Porsche Foundation

Education and science

Opportunities for refugees
In 2018, as part of the Porsche year of integration, the sports car manufacturer is once again preparing 15 young refugees for ­vocational training. After successfully completing this ­development measure, they will be offered trainee positions in partner ­companies in ­industries suffering from a shortage of skilled labour. 

Porsche is also supporting a range of other ­initiatives which offer refugees good prospects in the German labour market. For example, the company is one of the main backers of Joblinge gAG Stuttgart. This charitable initiative helps young people with a difficult start inlife to find apprenticeships. The Berufliche Anerkennung in Baden-Württemberg (Vocational Recognition in Baden-Württemberg) bursary programme, organised by the Baden-Württemberg Foundation, helps ­refugees to get the qualifications and training that they have completed abroad recognised without experiencing excessive red tape. As the only federal state in Germany to offer this type of assistance, Baden-Württemberg is supported by Porsche through the Stifter­verband association of German companies and foundations. 

How are young people and young refugees successfully brought into training and work? How do companies obtain the necessary ­information and support when they want to train and hire refugees? The Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart civic foundation opened an education campus in the Cannstatter Carré in 2016. The City is providing the premises. The special thing about this campus is that the usual ­rigid separation of responsibilities does not apply here. The employment agency, the job centre, the advice centres of the social welfare and youth welfare offices, independent ­sponsors, the Chamber of Industry and ­Commerce and the Chamber of Crafts in the Stuttgart region are represented on the ­campus side by side. The young people receive advice about vocational orientation; they can learn German, make contact with sponsors or create an application portfolio. Porsche continued to financially support the Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart’s project in the year under review.

Integration year

Talent Company for schoolchildren
At the beginning of 2018, a special offering was launched at the Rilke secondary school in Stuttgart-Rot: the Talent Company. This ­provides a specialist room with computer equipment, modern presentation technology and a lounge area. Here, schoolchildren are ­offered vocational orientation, contact with ­regional companies and internship placements. The emphasis is on the strengths and talents of the pupils, while school grades play only a secondary role. The initiative was started by the Strahlemann Foundation from Heppenheim, in Hesse. One of the foundation’s aims is to ­offer young people opportunities and to form synergetic links between industry and school. Porsche supported the foundation in setting up the Talent Company. The patron is Dr. Susanne Eisenmann, Minister of Education and the Arts for Baden-Württemberg. There are 25 further locations across Germany. 

Technology workshop in VDI GaraGe
Porsche is supporting young people in Leipzig, too: each year, more than 1,500 young people ­attend the Porsche pupils’ workshop in the VDI GaraGe, a technology centre in the Plagwitz district. Under the supervision of a Porsche senior trainer, they learn the basics of vehicle mechanics and electronics in various courses. The programmes are intended to arouse interest in technical vocations and, at the same time, to contribute towards university and vocational orientation. 

VDI GaraGe

Porsche Cars North America:  diverse commitment
Porsche is internationally positioned as a ­company. For this reason, the sports car ­manufacturer also shows social commitment abroad, for example in the USA. Porsche Cars North America (PCNA), headquartered in ­Atlanta, took the “70 years of Porsche sports cars” ­anniversary as an opportunity to support various campaigns for the 70th anniversary of the UN Human Rights Charta. On 10 December 1948 in Paris, the UN General Assembly announced the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This is regarded as one of the most ­significant achievements of the post-war ­period. As part of its sponsorship of the ­National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, PCNA supported 70 events, programmes and tours on the topic of human rights in the ­anniversary year. Thanks to this support, for example, the centre was able to waive the ­entry fee for visitors on 10 December, Human Rights Day. In addition, 750 schoolchildren from the region were invited on this day. 

PCNA also supports the American Cancer ­Society, the Automobile Hall of Fame, the liberal private Ogelthorpe University in Atlanta, Stanford University and the Woodruff Arts Centre, one of the world’s largest centres for the visual and performing arts.

Porsche China gets fit for the future
Since the earthquake in Wenchuan in 2008, Porsche China has been securing long-term educational opportunities for children and young people from this region. In 2009, this commitment was given a name: “Empowering the Future”. Since then, it has developed into a comprehensive, multi-layered CSR programme, including the following: Mobile ­Educational Training and Resource Units (METRU), ­Integrated Early Childhood Development and METRU Plus & Effective Teaching and ­Learning. The aim is to improve children’s early ­development and to encourage promising young artistic talents.


“Jugend musiziert” 
As well as its commitment to education, ­Porsche also supports numerous cultural ­topics, such as, for example, the federal competition “Jugend musiziert”. Since its foundation in 1963, this competition has developed into the most important sponsorship project for young musicians in Germany. Just under a million children and young people have parti­cipated in the musical competition in the last 55 years. For many of them, winning “Jugend musiziert” was the first step towards a ­successful career in music. 

Stuttgart “Ballet in the Park”
The Stuttgart ballet ensemble has an excellent international reputation. Porsche has been the principal sponsor of the Stuttgart Ballet since 2012. Porsche is also giving financial support to the new building for the John Cranko School for young ballet dancers. In July 2018, Porsche presented the open-air event “Ballet in the Park” for the seventh time; this was also a farewell to Reid Anderson, who had been artistic director of the Stuttgart Ballet for 22 years. Thousands of ballet fans were able to enjoy a free performance by the world-­famous ensemble from the state capital of Baden-Württemberg.

Stuttgart “Ballet in the Park”

Klassik airleben 
Music is at the centre of Porsche’s cultural commitment in Leipzig: 70,000 visitors flocked to the “Klassik airleben” summer concerts in Rosental, Leipzig, in the year under ­review. Porsche was the principal sponsor of the free concerts for the fifth time and offered classical music lovers from the region the ­opportunity to enjoy the excellent Leipzig ­Gewandhaus Orchestra live. Porsche has been a Global Partner since 2011 and supports not only the concerts in the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, but also the orchestra’s international tours.

Opera Ball with large raffle
A partnership of many years also exists with another institution in Leipzig: in October 2018, Porsche presented the Leipzig Opera Ball for the sixth time. Among the highlights of this social event is a raffle, the proceeds from which are donated to a good cause. Porsche donates the attractive main prize – this year, a 718 Boxster in GT Silver Metallic with a red hood and leather interior in the same colour. 

Main prize: 718 Boxter
Fuel consumption combined 8.1 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 186 g/km

In the year under review, the proceeds from the raffle were donated, among others, to the “Leipzig helps children” foundation and the “großstadtKINDER – Theatrium” association. In this Leipzig institution, children and young people put on theatre projects with peda­gogical guidance. An important component of the work is connecting the educational mission with artistic aspirations. Another part of the raffle proceeds went to the “Wolfsträne” association, in which qualified therapists support children and young people who have lost one or both parents, or siblings. The “Bemmchen” association, which works towards offering a healthy breakfast for schoolchildren, was ­another recipient of a donation from the opera ball raffle. Particularly in socially deprived parts of the city, children and young people do not always start their school day optimally nourished. In order to change this, the association provides a breakfast which the children can eat together before lessons begin. The ­objective of this commitment is to create equal opportunities.

Leipzig Opera Ball

Porsche China promotes talented artists
One of the main focuses of Porsche China’s cultural commitment is support for talented young artists. The company launched a co­operation with the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute back in 2010. Within the CSR programme “Empowering the Future”, seven Porsche art competitions have been organised so far, with participation by more than 2,000 art students. 

In 2017, Porsche China started a cooperation with ART021, a leading trade fair for contemporary Chinese art: together, they announced the “Young Chinese Artist of the Year” (YAOY) competition. Its objective is to find the most innovative and pioneering young artists in ­China. They are given financial support to continue along their artistic path. Wu Junyong was one of the winners of the first YAOY. In May 2018, Porsche China and ART021 devoted a special new media art exhibition to him in ­Beijing. In November 2018, Porsche China and the Cc Foundation opened an exhibition at the “2018 ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair” as part of the “Porsche 2019 Young ­Chinese Artist of the Year” press conference. All three YAOY prize-winners of 2017 – Wu Junyong, together with Yao Qingmei and Zhang Ding – presented their latest work here.

Social affairs

Charity Run staged for the fourth time
For the Porsche staff in Zuffenhausen, social commitment is a point of pride: over 3,500 ­employees took part in a charity run in September 2018. At the fourth edition of the Porsche 6-hour charity run, the main plant once again had to negotiate a 911-metre circuit. For each lap completed, the Ferry Porsche Foundation made a five-euro donation to social projects in the Stuttgart region. After an impressive 26,415 laps, six charitable organisations from Stuttgart and Zuffenhausen were able to share the donation amount, which had been generously topped up by the Foundation to 195,000 euros: the Olgäle Foundation, the Stuttgart Hospice for Children and Young People, the Gustav-Werner school in Zuffenhausen, Lebenshilfe Stuttgart (a counselling service), the Neuwirtshausschule school in Zuffenhausen and “Breakfast for children”.

Charity run

Football challenge for children
At the Porsche Leipzig benefit football tournament in 2018, 30 company teams from ­regional firms competed for the coveted challenge cup – and for a good cause. The total entry money, amounting to 15,000 euros, was donated to the Leipzig association “Minilöwen” and the foundation “A Place for Children”. The promotional association “Minilöwen” for premature and sick newborn babies aims to provide optimal care for the infants. Two special devices for lung replacement therapy are to be purchased with the donation money. The ­foundation “A Place for Children” helps affected adolescents to process traumatic experiences such as violence, neglect or abuse. The proceeds from the benefit tournament will be ­invested in the planned new building of a ­refuge house for abused children in Leipzig’s neighbouring city Halle/Saale.

Reading makes you smart
In cooperation with “Stiftung Lesen” (the Reading Foundation), the company is supporting the establishment of reading clubs for ­children: In the year under review, five new reading clubs were opened at the Porsche ­locations Ludwigsburg, Weissach, Sachsenheim and Leipzig. In Zuffenhausen, Porsche’s main location, there are two reading clubs founded in 2017. Children meet here after school to read, play or work with different media. They are supervised by pedagogically trained supervisors. There are over 1,000 reading club ­supervisors across Germany, who receive ­ongoing further training. This ensures the growth and further development of the reading clubs, which now number over 460.

Another project to encourage reading which is supported by Porsche is called “Lese-Heimat” and aims to impart enjoyment of the German language to refugee children. It is organised by the city library, the “Kinder fördern – Zukunft stiften” foundation (“Support children to enable a future”) and the “Leseohren” association, which was founded in 2002 in Stuttgart. This charitable association procures trained reading sponsors for nurseries, schools and municipal libraries. The objective: to get children into reading books, regardless of their background. The association trains and supervises over 500 voluntary sponsors who regularly read at daycare centres, district libraries, schools and other sponsors in the Stuttgart urban area.

Reading club

Aces for charity
At the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, Porsche ­offers the best female tennis players in the world an exclusive stage and the spectators a top-class sporting experience. However, the sports car manufacturer also fulfils its social responsibility at this event. With its “Aces for charity” campaign, Porsche has supported charitable campaigns for many years during its traditional tournament. The company donates 100 euros for each ace. This time, the players achieved 263 aces – and Porsche generously rounded up the donated sum to 30,000 euros. The amount is donated in equal parts to the tournament’s charity partners: the Agapedia Foundation, which is involved in various projects for the support of needy and distressed children, the Olgäle Foundation and the association to support the Stuttgart hospice.

Aces for charity

Porsche China supports UNICEF
In China, too, the Porsche team ran for a good cause in June on the occasion of the anni­versary “70 years of Porsche sports cars” and the ten-year existence of CSR involvement: 231 runners started at the “911 Track Run” in the Porsche Experience Centre in Shanghai. For each participant who completed the 9.11-kilometre route, Porsche China donated around 115 euros (911 RMB). This resulted in a total sum of over 25,000 euros for UNICEF. Porsche China is a long-term sponsor of UNICEF and its initiatives, which improve the educational opportunities of children in remote parts of China. 

In addition, Porsche China activated a further pillar of the CSR strategy 2025 in the year ­under review and launched the “Porsche China Dealer CSR Fund” for dealers and investment partners. This charitable fund was provided with around 250,000 euros (two million RMB) at the start. It is intended to encourage dealers to develop ideas for social commitment ­together with employees, customers and the local public, which can then be push-started with fund money. In the first round, six projects were selected which benefit children in rural areas, in particular.


Training despite handicap
Porsche continued to support the Württemberg football club in the year under review. The donation allows people with a mental ­disability to participate in regular training. The highlight of the cooperation was an exciting football match between Porsche trainees and the “People with mental impairment” state ­selection. 

Financial help for junior sportsmen and women
Porsche also supported the OlympiaNachwuchs foundation in 2018. Each year, it offers 40 sportsmen and women financial security ­during preparation and qualification for the Olympic Games so that they can continue to combine school, training or studies with sport at the highest level.

In 2018, Porsche continued to support the Sporthilfe Sachsen foundation for youth ­development with a donation. This foundation promotes junior competitive sport in the state of Saxony in the “Talents for the Olympics” project, as well as the Saxony squad of the Olympic and Paralympics teams. More than 300 athletes have received support so far. 


Sustainability Weeks to educate
For Porsche, thinking and acting sustainably is far more than just a social obligation. ­Sustainability is part of the sports car manufacturer’s self-image; it is a firmly integrated component of the strategy and is regarded as an important success factor. In order to ­underscore the relevance of this topic for all the company divisions, a Sustainability Week was organised in Zuffenhausen and Leipzig. In an interactive experience world and with the aid of expert lectures, the employees received comprehensive information about possibilities of avoiding waste, reducing emissions, conserving resources and enhancing efficiency.

Use of recycled paper
Since the beginning of August, recycled paper has been used to print out documents in ­Porsche offices. This not only reduces costs but also improves our ecological balance, since the used-paper product pollutes the environment far less than conventional printing paper. Among other things, over 70 per cent less water and energy is consumed during production, and around 50 per cent less CO₂ is emitted. 

Orchards – a cultural asset
In an orchard at Greutterwald in Zuffenhausen, children from five primary school classes study nature throughout the year. The “Green Classroom” concept aims to make schoolchildren aware of how to treat nature responsibly outside the classroom. The Streuobst-Pädagogen (“Orchard Educators”) association from Weil in Schönbuch is involved in environmental ­education and aims to promote an understanding of the connections between the ecosystem and orchards as a cultural asset – for adults, as well. Porsche is supporting both the “Green Classroom” project and the training of orchard educators.

The “Green Classroom” concept

Dry stone walls for rare plants and animals
For 1,000 years, dry stone walls have been part of the landscape along the Neckar. The growing pressure of civilisation at the beginning of the 1960s destroyed many of these walls in the ­Stuttgart region, and with them the basis of life for animals and plants. Porsche supports the ­NatureLife-International foundation, which has a long-term project promoting the restoration of dry stone walls. Dry stone walls are being restored or rebuilt, for example, between the two ­Porsche sites of Bietigheim-Bissingen and Sachsenheim. Now rare plant species, such as iris and vineyard quince, are being resettled there.

Drinking water forest: Porsche involved in reforestation
In the year under review, Porsche took part in the planting campaign by the Trinkwasserwald ­association in Leipzig and Weissach for the third time. Seventy Porsche employees in Weissach planted 700 sessile oaks during a “Social Day”. The site is located near to the Neuenbühl ­industrial area. A total of 5,000 trees are being planted here on 1.4 hectares of forest soil, thus generating 1.2 million litres of clean ground water per year. 

In the heart of the Leipzig Neuseenland, a heavily storm-damaged larch wood is being transformed into a mixed woodland with Porsche’s help. A total of 18,000 sessile oaks, beeches and native bushes are being planted on an area totalling three hectares. This improves the ground quality and increases drinking water generation by around 2.4 million litres per year. For comparison: a person consumes around 1,000 litres of drinking water per year.

Planting Campaign by the Trinkwasserwald association in Leipzig and Weissach

Easy disposal of small electronic devices
As part of the sustainability strategy, Porsche is working together with the Saxony-based start-up binee in Leipzig. Founded in 2015, this company has developed a recycling ­system that pays for old, unwanted electrical items and aims to reuse their components. This reduces the need to extract raw materials such as iron ore. Porsche employees have the possibility of easily disposing of their mobile phones and small electronic devices. Transparent processes give users insight into the ­recycling chain. As a thank-you, each participant receives a discount coupon for use in conjunction with a purchase at one of binee’s partner businesses. The cooperation between Porsche and binee is an example of the ­successful symbiosis of business and inno­vation in Leipzig.

binee Start-up

Bees and safari at Porsche Leipzig
As in the previous year, Porsche moved a further 1.5 million honey bees onto its factory premises in Leipzig in April 2018. Fifty colonies totalling around three million bees now live in the area ­covering 132 hectares in which nature is allowed to take its course. The aim of this relocation is to help secure the future of the honey bee population and thus promote environmental protection and conservation. The honey can be purchased in the Porsche shop at the Leipzig plant under the name “Turbienchen”. The diversity of flora in the off-road site provides the best habitat for the bees, with hawthorn, robinia and lime trees thriving alongside many wild flowers. In addition, the area provides a natural paddock for some 30 Exmoor ponies and 75 wild cattle. Many other species such as pheasants, black kites, frogs, brown hares, deer and bats live here too. The concept is unique in the automotive industry. From the beginning, Porsche Leipzig has ensured sustainable, low-resource automobile production with a commitment to nature and the environment. The plant’s off-road site was once a military zone and was restored to nature by Porsche in 2000.

Under the name “Porsche Safari”, the sports car manufacturer initiated a project for environ­mental education on its off-road site in Leipzig in the summer of 2018. In the summer holidays, more than 300 children and young people explored the diverse flora and fauna of the factory premises along a four-kilometre trail. In addition, interactive stations and a viewing platform were set up at the beginning of the year. The project is a cooperation between Porsche and the alluvial forest station in Leipzig which, as a recognised sponsor of independent youth welfare, is in charge of environmental education.

Porsche Safari
Consumption data

718 Boxster: Fuel consumption combined 7.9 – 8,1 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 180 –186 g/km