Employees and Society


Employees are at the center of attention at Porsche. The company takes responsibility for the employees and invests in their future. Further development and qualification are hallmarks of the Porsche culture. At the same time, equal opportunities, diversity and participation, the permanent improvement of the compatibility of work and family as well as a fair and performance-related remuneration play an important role. As part of its local and international social commitment in the areas of "social", "education and science", "culture" and "sports" Porsche initiates its own projects and supports external partners in the exercise of their important social activities.


The success of Porsche is based on its employees - their skills, dedication and passion. They are committed to the values ​​and goals of the company. Porsche AG had 29,777 employees as of the balance sheet date of 31 December 2017. This is an increase of almost eight percent compared to the previous year. The rapid growth of the company also poses major challenges for Porsche.These can only be overcome if everyone moves in the same direction. This makes constructive cooperation with the works council, its various committees and IG Metall a further and important success factor. Company agreements and collective agreements form the stable foundation for the long-term success of Porsche, which benefits companies, employees and shareholders alike.

HR strategy 
The personnel strategy forms the content framework for personnel work at Porsche. The focus is on the employees - for them, Porsche wants to continue to be an outstanding employer in the future. The basis for this is the unique Porsche culture, which always reminds everyone who Porsche is and where Porsche comes from. For its highly motivated employees, the company creates ideal framework conditions with innovative, performance-enhancing working environments. Porsche invests in future-oriented competence and talent management in order to provide each individual with an individually oriented, excellent qualification and further development. This is particularly important against the background of an ever faster changing, increasingly digital world. The company relies on modern human resources work with efficient processes and networked IT systems.

Employer attractiveness and young talent 
The basis for successful personnel work remains the sustainable positioning of Porsche as an attractive employer. Porsche supports numerous junior initiatives and focuses on digital talent and the attraction of relevant target groups in the year under review. In 2017, Porsche once again achieved top rankings among students in prestigious employer rankings by Trendence and Universum. The placements in the field of young professionals are developing particularly well. In the "Universum Young Professional Survey", for example, Porsche improves its rankings in all categories and even holds first place among the engineers. The attractiveness as an employer also shows the number of applicants: the Porsche Group receives more than 150,000 applications in 2017.

Initial and continuing education             
A need-oriented and future-oriented education, continuous qualification as well as possibilities and ways for the internal development are cornerstones of the Porsche personnel policy. Porsche offers a comprehensive program - from vocational training to top management training. The foundation for this is the Porsche vocational training program with a total of ten technical and commercial apprenticeships as well as seven courses of study in cooperation with the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW). In the past financial year, a total of 200 young people started their apprenticeships in one of the professions or study courses offered at Porsche AG. In view of the plant expansion and the upcoming production of the Mission E, Porsche is increasing the number of technical apprenticeships from currently 106 to 156 in the future. In addition to the classic training occupations in the automotive industry, automotive mechatronics and electronic technicians for industrial engineering account for around half of the additional training places. The rapid pace of digitization in all areas of automotive engineering, electromobility and smart mobility is leading to a clear focus on these topics in vocational training. All apprentices should be able to keep up with technological developments. A so-called "mind setting" prepares them for the upcoming innovations. Many applicants have no chance of finding a training place according to general selection criteria, but even they do not leave Porsche alone. An introductory qualification - the so-called "Förderjahr" - is intended to improve their chances on the training market. Twenty young people benefited from this offer in 2017, eight more than the year before.Porsche successfully continued the integration year for refugees: 15 young people took part in the project, almost all of which were successfully integrated into the training and employment market in cooperation with craft businesses. In cooperation with several vocational training centers, the company also enables severely handicapped people to train with or in cooperation with Porsche.

Porsche also continues to work in partnership with important organizations to promote young talent. These include the "Formula Student Germany", an international design competition under the patronage of the Association of German Engineers, the Foundation of German Business or the "Femtec", a program founded at the TU Berlin, which inspire women to study science and engineering should. Porsche is also supporting young talent in the automotive sector with the "Porsche Automotive Campus" (PAC) scholarship program at the University of Applied Sciences Nürtingen-Geislingen. For the 17th time, the "Ferry Porsche Prize" honored the best graduates of Baden-Württemberg's Baccalaureate class in mathematics, physics and technology. 212 young people received the coveted award and six also receive financial support for one year. They were drawn up at the award ceremony at the Porsche Research and Development Center.

Porsche's corporate culture 
In the year under review, a focus is on the further development of the corporate culture. The reason for this is the strong increase in employee numbers in recent years, as well as the reorientation of the company towards the digital age and the associated changes in cooperation. Sponsorships are from the beginning of the board Oliver Blume and Andreas Haffner and the chairman of the General Works Council Uwe Hück. In comprehensive workshops, the current state of corporate culture at Porsche is "bottom-up" outlined and compared to a future version. It deals with the question of which values ​​the employees of Porsche associate and how the culture of the company must develop in order to continue to shape a unique identity that attracts and binds suitable employees.

The result is a cultural model with the four dimensions of "lifeblood", "sportiness", "pioneer spirit" and "family". These terms describe the self-understanding of cooperation within the company.But they also show how Porsche wants to shape the major trends in the automotive industry.

On the basis of the cultural model, the so-called "Porsche Code" was subsequently developed. The "Porsche Code" replaces the previous management guidelines and contains the essential dimensions of a common understanding of leadership.

The cultural mission statement and the "Porsche Code" will be further developed in 2018. Also planned are leadership labs to enable executives to prepare for future challenges and to sustainably internalize the Porsche leadership culture through critical reflection and external inspiration. The entire process is intensively accompanied and promoted by the Management Board and the employee representatives.

Provision & Advice

Work safety 
Safe workplaces have top priority at Porsche, and this also applies to the protection of employees. An organized and structured system of occupational health and safety ensures a goal-oriented and uniform procedure as well as the implementation of legal requirements. It serves to avoid occupational accidents, occupational diseases and work-related health hazards. The central processes are standardized and governed by the Group guideline "Occupational safety". It is an essential element of the company's compliance management system and is valid for all employees.The supervisors make sure that their employees are familiar with the requirements of the directive and comply with their provisions. Occupational safety specialists provide advice to all employees. Thus, the injury rate can be significantly reduced. For example, from 2015 to 2017, the injury rate fell by 12.7 percent. In 2017, Porsche AG and Porsche Leipzig GmbH will achieve the lowest accident value to date with 5.5 accidents per million hours worked.

Health Management 
Porsche health management is proactively involved in the interdepartmental development of operational framework conditions. The primary goal is health and fitness and thus the employability of employees in the long term. The central element of prevention is the early reintegration of long-term patients as well as the healthy employment of older employees. Porsche health management develops preventive measures. Pilot projects are the test case for everyday life. Ergonomic assessments, for example, reduce relatively high and one-sided workloads. Jobs are designed to support good health and to appeal to all age groups in the spirit of human ergonomics. In addition, Porsche increased the availability of workplace-related physiotherapeutic consultancy, supplemented by the provision of training measures as a behavioral preventive approach. Due to the increasing international activities, the number of preventive consultations regarding travel medicine and compulsory medical care increased significantly.

Job and family 
Porsche attaches great importance to reconciling work and family life. Employees are supported with a diverse range of services. Six cooperation partners, for example, provide sufficient childcare places in kindergartens near the sites. As in the previous year, children from employees at all locations around Stuttgart will enjoy comprehensive holiday care including shuttle service throughout the summer holidays. With the exception of the Christmas holidays, the children are also cared for during the remaining school holidays.

With the Family Service, Porsche offers free individual all-round advice and support in all family situations. The services range from counseling for expectant parents to the selection and placement of qualified caregivers for children and seniors, to qualified support in the search for and selection of care facilities for eldercare.

Porsche is committed to the flexible design of work and working hours. Home office, life-phase-oriented electoral working time or a voluntary personal break (sabbatical) are just a few examples. Also, job sharing in leadership functions proves successful as a result of a pilot project and finds further dissemination in the company. Appropriate company agreements together with the works council set the framework for successful implementation of these topics.

The employees are informed about the wide range of offers through various internal media from Porsche AG. In addition, the works council also offers a comprehensive information and discussion platform with its works meetings at the individual Porsche sites in Germany. In fact, co-determination at Porsche has a high priority and is an important pillar of entrepreneurial success. This also includes the numerous collective agreements and company agreements that were agreed between the parties during the year under review. The works council is also an important partner and driver in the organization and implementation of the traditional Hocketse for employees and their families at the Zuffenhausen site. In 2017, more than 20,000 guests were counted around the main plant. Likewise, the 6-hour run goes back to the initiative of the works council. In the year under review, more than 3,000 employees with just under 250 teams participated and received a total of 185,000 euros for charitable purposes.

Equal opportunities and diversity 
The Porsche workforce thrives on its diversity: Employees from more than 80 nations with a wide variety of personal skills ensure that Porsche drives ahead in many ways. The existing leadership guidelines and also the newly developed "Porsche Code" firmly establish the active promotion of diversity by the management. In addition, equal opportunities and equal treatment for all employees are laid down in the "Porsche Compliance Code" - irrespective of their origin, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, ideology, political or trade union activity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or illness. In order to pool and further develop equal opportunities and diversity activities, the Equal Opportunities Department was established in January 2017. An important goal on which Porsche works continuously is to increase the proportion of women at all levels of the company.

Since 2012, Porsche has steadily increased the proportion of women in the company to 15.3 percent. In the same period, the number of managers more than doubles. The proportion of women in management is now nine percent. Measurable and binding equal opportunities at Porsche are part of the target agreements with all executives. In addition to the statutory requirements, Porsche management has set department-specific targets for the proportion of women in promotions in management. These goals are based on the gender ratio in the upper tariff groups. Supportive training and further education measures such as workshops and seminars or mentoring offers are available.

Of special importance for the increase in the proportion of women is the promotion of young talent for Porsche. Thus, about half of the trainees are female, with the interns and theses, the proportion of women is 29 percent. In order to get students and young women enthusiastic about technical careers and career entry at Porsche at an early stage, a cooperation agreement will be signed with the University of Stuttgart in the year under review. As part of the "TryScience at Porsche" events, the company offers female and male and female doctoral students at the University of Stuttgart the opportunity to gain insights into professions based on the MINT subjects (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology). As in previous years, Porsche is participating in "Girls' Day": More than 150 students from surrounding secondary schools, elementary and secondary schools take the opportunity to look behind the scenes at Porsche. The cooperation with the "Femtec", the international career platform for women in IT, engineering and natural sciences, which has existed for more than 15 years, is also successfully further developed. The highlight of 2017 is the Femtec Innovation Workshop, a practical project lasting several months on the topic "What does the future of fully automated driving look like for Porsche?"

Whether at "women & work", "Panda" or the "Ada Lovelace Festival" - women-specific trade fairs and formats regularly inform Porsche students and experienced women about entry-level opportunities. At the IAA, more than 40 young professionals will have the chance to meet Porsche as an employer on the exclusive Careers Day for women.

At the end of May, Porsche participated for the first time in the German Diversity Day. Under the motto "Promote equal opportunities. Winning with diversity. "The HR department, works council and representation of disabled employees in Zuffenhausen make the diversity in the company visible. The aim is to present the special value of equal opportunities and diversity and to reflect on this in conversation with colleagues. In addition, the range of seminars on diversity and appreciation will be further expanded.

Proportion of women in management positions 
As part of the implementation of the Act for equal participation of women and men in management positions in the private sector, the following target figures for the proportion of women in the Supervisory Board and Executive Board as well as in the top management levels are set for Porsche AG with a deadline of December 31, 2021: Against the background In the long-term commitment of its members, the Porsche Supervisory Board has confirmed the status quo of ten percent as the target.

At the time of the resolution, the boards of all ministries are staffed exclusively by men; the respective contract periods extend over several years. Against this background, the Supervisory Board does not resolve the target group until 31 December 2017. The status quo zero is confirmed until 31 December 2021. However, Porsche's Supervisory Board has set itself the goal of increasing the proportion of women on the Executive Board in the longer term. For the first and second management levels below the Board of Management, Porsche AG sets a 15 percent share of women.Thus, the company is aiming for a nearly doubling of the status quo.


In the year under review, Porsche sponsors more than 100 projects in the area of ​​donations and sponsoring. Porsche views sponsored projects as part of corporate responsibility in the sense of civic and social commitment to society.

Social Commitment 
Only those who enjoy optimal training will later have success and fulfillment at work. According to this motto, Porsche trades - even beyond its own company. Porsche sees it as part of its social responsibility to accompany the personality development of children and adolescents, to overcome social gaps and to promote skills and enthusiasm. The core element of this commitment is the "Turbo for Talents" program. The name has been used by Porsche for many years to promote young athletes - mainly in team sports at the various company locations. Porsche strives for social acceptance - for the company as well as for people with difficult starting conditions. Porsche sees itself as part of society and promotes the language and reading skills of children in Germany as well as young professionals in Manila or Cape Town. So far, two reading clubs have been set up at elementary schools in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen with the help of Porsche. The reading clubs are a nationwide initiative of the Stiftung Lesen. The objective is to convey reading enjoyment in order to promote language skills and, at the same time, academic achievement. In addition, Porsche supported the expansion of the Porsche Training and Recruitment Center (PTRCA) in Manila in the year under review. For nine years, the sports car manufacturer, in collaboration with the Order of Salesian Don Bosco, has been training disadvantaged young Filipinos to become automotive service mechatronics technicians, enabling them later to gain a professional perspective in the Porsche dealer organization. But not only the company, but also many employees are helping the disadvantaged in our society to become their own project and get involved. More than 3,000 employees took part in the third 6-hour run in Zuffenhausen. For every 911-meter round, five euros flowed into the donation pot. So 185,000 euros came together, which cause a lot of good. The money goes to the Olgäle Foundation, the Mobile Youth Work Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, the Stuttgarter Jugendhaus gGmbH, the Gustav Werner School Zuffenhausen and the Children and Youth Hospice Stuttgart.

All engagements serve the development of talents, but above all, young people should be able to experience positive fellowship and gain valuable and formative experiences for the rest of their lives, regardless of their background or education. This is another reason why the "Porsche Night of the Talents" was awarded for the second time to all partner clubs in the reporting year, with awards for the best sporting development, the best school performance and exceptional social commitment.