Porsche in the Media
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Porsche vs. race drones

Is the 718 Cayman able to outrun a swarm of race drones? Porsche gave it a try and teamed up with YouTube Gamer Ali-A. ...

Stunt driver Mauro Carlo and YouTube Gamer Ali-A tested this at Medway Port in the UK. They started a giant cat and mousse game with six drones between three check points:

youtube.com: Race drones vs. Porsche 718 Cayman

GTspirit in Abu Dhabi

What's it like to own a supercar like a Porsche GT in the UAE? Zaid Hamid from GTspirit checked it out at his trip to Abu Dhabi. ...

To get an insight into supercar ownership in the UAE, the Porsche GT Club in Abu Dhabi was the perfect opportunity. At the Yas Marina Grand Prix Circuit, Zaid Hamid met the owners and their Porsche. He captured its impressions in impressive pictures:

gtspirit.com: Special Report – GTspirit Meets The Porsche GT Club in Abu Dhabi

911 R Lederhosen Drift

Chris Harris gets into the spirit of Austria and the Red Bull Ring with a 911 R drift session... in Lederhosen. ...

For the annual Speed Week, Top Gear invited Chris Harris to test some star cars. One of them was a 911 R. But a normal test would be too easy for him. So he did the drift in Austria with a traditional deerskin Lederhosen. Watch the video here:

topgear.com: Watch Chris Harris drift a Porsche 911 R… in Lederhosen

Porsche's first Le Mans winner

It has given Porsche its first Le Mans victory in 1951: All about the aluminium-bodied 356 SL Gmund Coupé. ...

After the important victory, the race car #46 almost got lost. It was sold and then reconstructed by its new owners. Even the roof was chopped off to save more weight. After all the years, #46 finally got restored to its original shape to save a big part of Porsche history. See Porsche's first Le Mans winner here:

roadandtrack.com: How Porsche's First Le Mans Winner Was Nearly Lost Forever

Barn find

This Porsche 356A Speedster from 1956 was discovered under a tarpaulin in Texas after 40 years - and is now up for sale. ...

Its story: The Speedster with the rare factory hardtop and an air-cooled boxer engine had just two owners. Its original importer and a couple who used it for road tripping into Mexico and ultimately parked it inside a Dallas-area garage during the 1970s. After incredible 40 years, the car was recently discovered by automotive archeologist Tom Cotter:

thedrive.com: This Custom Air-Cooled Porsche Barn Find Spent 40 Years Sitting

Porsche as emojis

From the classic 911 to the Le Mans winner cars – Porsche models are now available as emojis for Apple’s iPhone. ...

The new sticker app “Automoji” is the work of designer Kevin McCauley from Texas. It contains detailed illustrations of 60 Porsches, including every Le Mans winner. Required for the download is the new operating system iOS 10 from Apple. You can get a first insight here:

roadandtrack.com: These Porsche Emoji for iOS 10 Are Perfection

Porsche backstage

The Globe and Mail visited the Porsche facility in Leipzig, Germany. ...

A rotating exhibit of historically significant models is just one example of how Porsche tries to encompass a full suite of customer experiences in it’s facility in Leipzig. For more impressions of the visit of The Globe and Mail check out the link below.

theglobeandmail.com: In photos: Inside Porsche's Leipzig production facility

A 911 at Windsor Castle

The Porsche 911 has written company lore in numerous competitions – and they’re all indebted to this car, the very first factory-prepared 911 engaged in any form of motorsport. ...

This year’s Tour of Elegance – the dynamic prequel to the Royal Concours of Elegance held at Windsor Castle – saw many of the entrants exercise their stunning machines on some of the most beautiful roads Southwest England and Wales has to offer. Classic Driver met with several of them along the way.

classicdrivers.com: "Meet the owners on the 2016 Great West Tour of Elegance"

Soulful driving

The makers of the Curves Magazine are well-known for their scenic road trips. Their latest adventure: The Mille Miglia of the Alps. ...

“ ’Are you crazy?’ is one of the more friendly comments on hearing of our plan to cross all the major passes of the Alps in four days. But what are you supposed to do when you‘re hopelessly addicted to the mountains – and you have limited time? Now is the time put together the ultimate tour from the countless roads, passes and traverses that can be covered on a long weekend. And anyway, you should set yourself goals in life to make sure it doesn‘t get boring. And while Reinhold Messner only set himself “seven summits“ to climb, with the exuberance of late adolescence, we decide to go for fourteen Alpine traverses, plus one road leading up a valley. The Mille Miglia of the Alps, as it were. With lots and lots of curves. And little sleep.”

Curves: "Soulful Driving"