Porsche in the Media
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New Porsche 911

Jason Fogelson writes about the new Porsche 911 which will have big shoes to fill, as the seventh-generation sports car was the best-selling edition to date. ...

The eighth-generation Porsche 911 made its first official public appearance at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show this week.

2020 Porsche 911 Bows At The LA Auto Show

A look back

With the new Porsche 911 in the starting blocks, Carbuzz.com takes a look into the past. ...

There is perhaps no more recognizable sports car on the planet than the 911, writes Carbuzz.com. Let's take a look back at the first two generations of the icon.

Carbuzz.com: Porsche Looks Back At First 911 Models

Better care for classic cars

Porsche plans to expand its Classic operations in the U.S., writes Automotive News. ...

Over 70 percent of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still on the road today. These cars need maintenance and repair. "Strategically speaking, we need to ramp up our game because that's a business field where we can still grow", says Porsche Cars North America CEO Klaus Zellmer in an interview with Automotive News.

Automotive News: Porsche sees gold in classic cars

A very special washing machine

Bloomberg about a special relationship: Why Japan’s Panasonic hired Porsche for design work. ...

The Alpha is Panansonic's top-of-the-line washing machine. It has a brushed stainless steel body, Wi-Fi connection, costs $2,900 and is only available in China. Bloomberg describes why Panasonic hired Porsche Design for the styling.

Bloomberg: Porsche Designed a Sleek Machine for China's Rich. It's No Car

New fleet – retro Porsche

Abu Dhabi Police unveiled its new livery for its vehicles along with a stunning 1979 vintage Porsche. ...

The Police has been rebranded as a force, with a new identity and American-style badges. A new fleet of police vehicles with the new designed logo and colors of blue and white was revealed in Abu Dhabi. Normally, the Dubai Police may be known for its fast supercars. But within the relaunch a 1979 Porsche is among the new vehicles added to the fleet. Khaleej-Times, The National and Gulf News reported about the new look and the partly old fleet.

Capital police fleet gets new identity, Vintage Porsche among Abu Dhabi Police's new look vehicles, Vintage car part of new Abu Dhabi police fleet

911 – A colorful history

As a tribute to the one-millionth 911 the magazine Bloomberg Pursuits takes a look back in time. ...

The Porsche 911 has been regarded as an automotive icon and sports car par excellence for over five decades. In May the one millionth version ever built rolled off the production line. Since then it has toured the world with a stopover in New York. How much has changed? And how much has remained the same? The magazine Bloomberg Pursuits shows the evolution over the years.

Mighty, Cute: The Colorful History of the Best-Selling Porsche 911

The air-cooled life

Basem Wasef explains why his love for air-cooled 911 is instant and irrevocable. ...

What about air-cooled 911 gets the blood of Porschephiles pumping? Maybe it’s the desire for a touch of analog in a digital world? Journalist Basem Wasef explains on THE DRIVE why he bought the classic german sportscar – twice.

Why I Bought an Air-Cooled Porsche 911 (Twice)

Revolutionary Watch Design

Porsche Design previewed new watch. How a race car influenced the Monobloc Actuator GMT-Chronotimer. ...

Rolf Bergmann, chief technology officer at Porsche Design Timepieces, wanted to eliminate the chronograph push buttons and operate the timing function using the case.The best watch case manufacturers in Switzerland told him it was not possible for several reasons. Then he approached the engineers of the new GT race car at the Porsche Development Centre in Weissach. Read about the solution they came up with on forbes.com.

How A Race Car Influenced Porsche Design's Radical New Monobloc Actuator Chronograph

From race cars to road cars

Walter Röhrl shows the Top 5 Porsche technologies, that made it from the racetrack to the street. ...

Ceramic disk brake, turbocharger and mode switch - all these technologies were transferred from the track to serial production. Noone could explain racing technologies better than motorsport icon Walter Röhrl. In the end, every Porsche is also a race car. Watch the video about the Top 5 technologies here:

youtube.com: Porsche Top 5 series – Porsche technologies that made it from the racetrack to the street.

Looking through the lens

Cameraman Aran Lamon gives a glimpse behind the scenes of media productions at the racetrack in Daytona. ...

Aran Lamon shows in a promotion video of Sigma, how filming a race through good lenses looks like. The positive side effect: you can watch the 911 RSR in full action.Watch the video here:

youtube.com: Interview with Aran Lamond on SIGMA Cine Lenses