Porsche in the Media
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The air-cooled life

Basem Wasef explains why his love for air-cooled 911 is instant and irrevocable. ...

What about air-cooled 911 gets the blood of Porschephiles pumping? Maybe it’s the desire for a touch of analog in a digital world? Journalist Basem Wasef explains on THE DRIVE why he bought the classic german sportscar – twice.

Why I Bought an Air-Cooled Porsche 911 (Twice)

Revolutionary Watch Design

Porsche Design previewed new watch. How a race car influenced the Monobloc Actuator GMT-Chronotimer. ...

Rolf Bergmann, chief technology officer at Porsche Design Timepieces, wanted to eliminate the chronograph push buttons and operate the timing function using the case.The best watch case manufacturers in Switzerland told him it was not possible for several reasons. Then he approached the engineers of the new GT race car at the Porsche Development Centre in Weissach. Read about the solution they came up with on forbes.com.

How A Race Car Influenced Porsche Design's Radical New Monobloc Actuator Chronograph

From race cars to road cars

Walter Röhrl shows the Top 5 Porsche technologies, that made it from the racetrack to the street. ...

Ceramic disk brake, turbocharger and mode switch - all these technologies were transferred from the track to serial production. Noone could explain racing technologies better than motorsport icon Walter Röhrl. In the end, every Porsche is also a race car. Watch the video about the Top 5 technologies here:

youtube.com: Porsche Top 5 series – Porsche technologies that made it from the racetrack to the street.

Looking through the lens

Cameraman Aran Lamon gives a glimpse behind the scenes of media productions at the racetrack in Daytona. ...

Aran Lamon shows in a promotion video of Sigma, how filming a race through good lenses looks like. The positive side effect: you can watch the 911 RSR in full action.Watch the video here:

youtube.com: Interview with Aran Lamond on SIGMA Cine Lenses

How to pronounce it right?

There are people all over the world wondering: How do I pronounce "Porsche" the correct way? The answer. ...

The pronunciation of "Porsche" is not always unambiguous – and this already for decades. Currently, a video directly from the source should create enlightenment. Several media echoed the video, likewise the "Roadshow":

cnet.com: How to pronounce it right?

Deep-frozen 911

Cold as ice: Top Gear magazine has deep frozen a 911 Carrera 4S. ...

To be more specific: they have deep frozen the editor's 911 Carrera 4S to provide some spectacular visuals for the magazine. Therefor the Porsche has been soaked in minus-18 degrees Celsius cold for eight hours. Lucky editor...the car still worked fine afterwards.Watch the pictures of the icy supercar after the big freezer here:

topgear.com: When Top Gear deep froze a Porsche 911

964: The legend

Djordje Ilic is truly a Porsche fan – as he shows in this video about the 964. ...

Djordje Ilic, a 3D artist from Serbia, has been working on his video about the 911 for two years. It was worth the effort. Have a look:


vimeo.com: Legend964

Bugatti meets Porsche

Achim Anscheidt, design director at Bugatti, has restored his private Porsche 911 SC from 1981. Watch him on a joyride with his iconic car. ...

With his Porsche 911 SC from 1981 he pursued the vision “back to the basics” and reconstructed it. “My idea was to eliminate everything that is superfluous to the dynamics in order to attain an intriguing power-to-weight ratio. As far as the driving dynamics are concerned, it’s like a go-kart”, explains Achim Anscheidt. Watch the design director on a joyride with his 911 here:

vimeo.com: 911 backdate

Porsche vs. race drones

Is the 718 Cayman able to outrun a swarm of race drones? Porsche gave it a try and teamed up with YouTube Gamer Ali-A. ...

Stunt driver Mauro Carlo and YouTube Gamer Ali-A tested this at Medway Port in the UK. They started a giant cat and mousse game with six drones between three check points:

youtube.com: Race drones vs. Porsche 718 Cayman

GTspirit in Abu Dhabi

What's it like to own a supercar like a Porsche GT in the UAE? Zaid Hamid from GTspirit checked it out at his trip to Abu Dhabi. ...

To get an insight into supercar ownership in the UAE, the Porsche GT Club in Abu Dhabi was the perfect opportunity. At the Yas Marina Grand Prix Circuit, Zaid Hamid met the owners and their Porsche. He captured its impressions in impressive pictures:

gtspirit.com: Special Report – GTspirit Meets The Porsche GT Club in Abu Dhabi
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